Monthly Archives: July 2004

Church And State

I wanted to thank you for changing my life.

Then I realized that you didn’t do anything. You were completely selfish, completely inconsiderate. I picked myself up and made the best of what you left me as. Loving you was the important part, not anything that you had ever done.

I realized that it wasn’t you who changed my life. It was the experience. It was the conscious effort to turn my life around.

It was me.

The Jeff Identity

Holy fuck, I just found Wizo … Kopfschuss in one of my directories. I haven’t heard this song in more than three years. It’s always in a volume of miscellaneous songs, and I must have skipped over it every time I made my punk playlist. I had totally forgotten about it, and now remember how much of a kicking fucking song it is. It brings me back to second year, being at Iain’s place, using Slackware for the first time.

It’s odd to hear a song, almost for the first time because it’s been so long, but still know all the notes as they come. It’s like The Bourne Identity where he has no idea how he knows all this random shit.