The Problem With Freshman Classes

I feel old.

I’m forced to sit in class for hours, lis­ten­ing to the pal­try con­ver­sa­tions of the peo­ple around me. I under­stand that not every­one talks about some­thing intel­lec­tu­al every sec­ond of the day, but most of these con­ver­sa­tions are beyond stu­pid. What I hate most are the peo­ple who ask the prof ques­tions, and then say, “That does­n’t make any sense”. Yes, it does make sense. You just don’t under­stand, you fuck­ing idiot. Why are so many peo­ple so mega­lo­ma­ni­a­cal as to assume that they’re smart and able to com­pre­hend any­thing?


  1. Dude, what about being 26 years old, with at least 1 , and more like­ly 2, terms left before you grad­u­ate uni­ver­si­ty with a degree that does­n’t even guar­an­tee a crap­py job any more, and a heap of debt? That makes you feel old…

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