Monthly Archives: January 2004


Hellooooooooo insomnia.

I hate my laugh. No, really. It’s a combination of my mothers’ laugh (a sort of gaspy, light, heaving) and Mike’s laugh (short bursts of falsetto squeaking). Someone once told me that it’s what she liked about me, but I think she just associated it with my sense of humour.

Simple Stir-Fry

Thumbnail: Stirfry 1

Thumbnail: Stirfry 2

I have figured out the easiest stir-fry in the world. One morning I took my stir-fry strips out of the freezer to defrost by the time my classes were done. When I got home, I realized that I had no vegetables and I was too tired to make rice (actually it was more of being too tired to clean the rice pot because it’s always a bitch). I found a pack of garlic pasta salad, and threw everything together.


  1. Approximately 700 grams of beef stir-fry strips
  2. One bag of Green Giant Garden Creations Pasta Salad (Garlic)


  1. Pre-heat frying pan to medium heat, add oil
  2. Add stir-fry strips and garden salad
  3. Cover and stir occasionally until the pasta is desired tenderness (should take about 20 minutes, liquid should be a light sauce by then)

Note: To ensure beef is cooked through, add beef in pan a few minutes before the pasta salad.

Cause My Legs Are Like Toothpicks

On a good day I can find two pairs of pants that I want to try on. Today I found five, and none were right. Either they didn’t fit, or the cut ended up different when I actually put them on. Why is it so hard for me to find pants? Nice, durable yet comfortable, baggy yet fits around my waist, wide-leg, plain-looking pants.

Evil Kitty

I’m catching Dolly up on the kitchen counters lately. She’s never had the gall to do so before. Nick’s theory is that she was really bored and knew she was alone during the Christmas holidays, so she just jumped up one day and learned that it’s possible. She knows that she’s not supposed to because as soon as she hears one of us walking to the kitchen, she’ll jump down to the floor and give us the honest kitty look. The one where she stands at attention with the big eyes, head slightly tilted to one side. Yeah. She’s an evil kitty.

The Taste

I feel like speaking tonight. I feel like expressing myself in some way, but can’t focus on what I want to say. I feel like I’m totally addicted. I feel like sharing something that’s completely embarrassing, like the face trace trick or the wing chun dream.

I feel like singing. I feel like shouting. I feel like everything is just right.

I feel like I finally have people I can hang out with. I feel like I’ve finally had a meaningful relationship.

I feel like I can dream without disappointment. I feel like I can think without hurting. I feel like I can admire without jealousy.

I feel like every song is the last I’ll ever hear. I feel like I’m finally living.

I feel happy.