Simple Stir-Fry

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I have fig­ured out the eas­i­est stir-fry in the world. One morn­ing I took my stir-fry strips out of the freez­er to defrost by the time my class­es were done. When I got home, I real­ized that I had no veg­eta­bles and I was too tired to make rice (actu­al­ly it was more of being too tired to clean the rice pot because it’s always a bitch). I found a pack of gar­lic pas­ta sal­ad, and threw every­thing togeth­er.


  1. Approximately 700 grams of beef stir-fry strips
  2. One bag of Green Giant Garden Creations Pasta Salad (Garlic)


  1. Pre-heat fry­ing pan to medi­um heat, add oil
  2. Add stir-fry strips and gar­den sal­ad
  3. Cover and stir occa­sion­al­ly until the pas­ta is desired ten­der­ness (should take about 20 min­utes, liq­uid should be a light sauce by then)

Note: To ensure beef is cooked through, add beef in pan a few min­utes before the pas­ta sal­ad.

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  1. hah­hah.. rice pots.. you need gas pow­ered pres­sure wash­er to clean those suck­ers. good call.

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