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Leaving 9rules

One of the changes in the latest version of equivocality is the removal of the 9rules leaf from my footer, marking my official departure from the network.

The community served me well in the past, and I’m proud to say that 9rules introduced me to many awesome people — Dave Seah, Edrei Zahari, Nils Geylen, Joe Lencioni to name a few — some of whom I’ve been lucky enough to meet in person, and others I still hope to meet one day. I can say that just knowing them has made my time with the community worth it, even if I got nothing else out of it.

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Featured at Perishable Press

10.0 is currently being featured at Perishable Press, the first in a series of articles exploring minimalism in modern web design. From the article:

Equivocality’s new minimalist design is very impressive. The site appears clean, bright and refreshing and navigates with natural simplicity. Jeff has eliminated clutter to focus on content, which is strongly unified within the site’s sharp, spacious design. Attentive visitors will revel in the site’s exquisitely restrained details, such as the subtle texture provided by the bleached background grid, or the dynamic interplay between complementary typefaces, Arial and Avenir. Overall, the design’s thematic neutrality and universal approach inspire visitors to relax, focus, and enjoy.

In addition to a detailed site review, Jeff Starr did a mini interview with me. I’ve come across Perishable Press several times through my WordPress wanderings and it was great to work with someone I’ve always known but never met.