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Version 13

The design of the site was updated a few weeks ago, bringing the latest incarnation of to version 13. I thought version 12 was going to be the final design, but I’ve realized that things inevitably change in my life, and the site is always ends up being a reflection of those changes. At least it lasted over a year, which is more than I can say for any of my previous designs.

Clean and clear and under control

After going through a period where I felt shattered and began to question everything that was important to me, I knew I had to redefine myself. It made me want to strip everything down, and go back to my ultra-minimalist roots, while borrowing a few much-loved elements from previous designs such as fine dotted lines. All the code has been built from the ground up instead of being based on a previous theme.

Now there’s only one column, with everything centered to keep it all nice and simple. This lets me post very large pictures, which I’ve really been enjoying lately, and something the previous theme had restricted me from doing. The pictures scale nicely though, so people with low-resolution monitors will still be able to see an entire photo without ever having to scroll.


One of the biggest changes from any of my previous designs is the use of a non-system font for body copy. I wanted to move away from the Helvetica I’ve been using for so long now and give the site a unique feel. I decided on Proxima Nova, which retains humanistic proportions with a somewhat geometric appearance. I’m still frustratingly disappointed by the current state of web typography, so I’ve turned to Typekit to take care of that for me.

Version 12

Version 12 has been retired here. is now running version 12, in what I suspect will be the final design iteration for this site1.

The gem cannot be polished without friction

I’ve been itching for a new look for a while now, around the time I was in England, something that was reflective of the peace I’ve made with myself and the world.

Life no longer feels like a draft where I’m trying to figure things out, so I’ve abandoned the beloved graph paper background which debuted in version 9. Most elements and text have been toned down a bit2 to give things a slick, clean, and polished look, very much inspired by Jin Yang’s blog. I’m still in love with the large single-column layout that lets me post big pictures and videos, and most of the design is still based around that.

I’ve never been a fan of vertical rules — they always seem to claustrophobically trap content more than anything else — but I found they brought much-needed definition to the wide column, now that the graph paper is no longer there. Other elements are strong enough on their own to define the underlying grid. I’ve also added some gravity-defying page corners to bring a bit of depth to the layout.

Even though Version 12 has been based significantly on my Version 11 code and design, I decided to give it a major revision number because it’s a new theme at heart. They may look similar, but they feel very different.

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  1. For a very long time at least []
  2. I’ve realized that you don’t need retina-burning contrast to give something strong definition. []

Version 11

Version 11 has been retired here. is now running version 11. For a person who was notorious for the frequency of his design changes, version 10 stuck around for a very long time — measured in years, not months.

To everything, there is a season

I’m going through a significant shift in attitude right now. For the first time in so long, I feel stable and complete, and I wanted my site to reflect this change. I’ve also been letting go of many things, and this certainly gave me the motivation to update even though I adored the previous version.

I found lots of inspiration in Jin’s recent refresh, which has an extremely smooth and slick feel to it. The ironic thing is that he wanted it to be clean and polished, and told me he looked to version 10 of for ideas. Here I am getting ideas from his ideas from my ideas, in a wonderful creative synergy, and I think we’re both very happy with our mutual results.

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More Stolen Words and Pictures

Most recently, a person called Cleo, who also goes by the misnomer “sexy1980”, stole both words and pictures from a heartfelt entry I wrote after a particularly hard day. Word-for-word. You see that car on her site? That’s my car.

Cleo steals

If you dare to look at this abortion of a web page, do so at your own risk. I warn you, the animations and colours are not for the feint of heart.

I wasn’t happy when someone started copying entire entries of mine, word-for-word, or when another person stole my design of Version 10 (his attempted redesign in an effort to cover up his actions isn’t that far off either). Sure, I also get people hotlinking my images too, but I take simple pleasure in replacing the images with pictures of a lemon party, because I get to laugh at things like this.

But when someone steals both my words and hotlinks my pictures I get really pissed off.

Design Robbery

After my Perishable Press interview, and having Version 10 featured in a Crestock article titled “13 Minimalist Designs You Really Should See”, this site has seen a surge in design-related traffic. But increased exposure is a double-edged sword. Higher profile sites make you a bigger target for security issues, spam, and design robbery.

Such as the case with

Does this look familiar?

Eric Akmal Dot Com top

Eric Akmal Dot Com bottom

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