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Emergence Exposition 02 Invitation

Carrot feet

The Emergence Exposition: Opus 02 vernissage is coming up in three weeks and if you’re in the Ottawa area, you can drop by to see my exhibit!

The show is free. Over three hundred people were packed into the last one. I’ll be the one walking around with a camera strapped to his hand.

Four exhibition rooms, Four creative styles

Like the exhibitions of old France, the idea of this gallery-house is to have a mixture of different artistic styles.

J’ai eu envie de recréer quelque chose dans cet esprit-là. Il ya un côté intimidant et même assez froid aux galeries d’art. Les gens n’osent pas toujours entrer, mais je veux leur montrer que l’art c’est pour tout le monde, dans une ambiance chaleureuse.

— Frédéric Daty, gallery owner

There will be four visual artists — metal sculptor, ceramic sculptor, painter, photographer (me) — and three musical artists — concert pianist, harpist, soft pop musician. Featuring champagne and homemade truffles too!

For more details and a glimpse at some more of my work in this theme, you can read the description in the new photography section, as well download the invitation.