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Last Day of the Exhibition

An article in the Metro.

There’s a lit­tle arti­cle in The Metro today about the gallery. In the pic­ture, around the harpist, is part of my Fruit and Body series. I’ve decid­ed to make it a lim­it­ed edi­tion print of 100 each at 18″×12″. So far I’ve sold four, with two poten­tials.

It’s the last day of the exhib­it. I’ll be there again tonight because anoth­er paper wants some pic­tures of the artists, and so I can meet with any guests, includ­ing one of my buy­ers. If you stop by, don’t for­get to sign the guest­book!

In The News

On the bus today, a reporter from the CBC called me for an inter­view. She start­ed ask­ing me why I got into pho­tog­ra­phy, where I want­ed to go with it, and the like. It was strange to be answer­ing these ques­tions because as far as I’ve gone with my pho­tog­ra­phy, no one has ever asked them before. I sup­pose most peo­ple assume it’s like anoth­er hob­by, with­out pur­pose or mean­ing.

Newspaper article

There was also a lit­tle men­tion of my name in the local fran­coph­o­ne paper. I find it fun­ny that when trans­lat­ed lit­er­al­ly, the title of the arti­cle in English is “Go, all with the Living room!”.