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The Shirt Tucking-In

I’ve start­ed tuck­ing in my shirt. The only two times that I remem­ber tuck­ing were both at wed­dings; Dr. Lea’s and Jono’s. I did­n’t even tuck for my cous­in’s wed­ding, even after (or should I say, espe­cial­ly after) a chid­ing from Priscilla’s unpleas­ant boyfriend. Admittedly, I have a very thin waist, and tuck­ing always makes me look extreme­ly skin­ny. I don’t always tuck now, just when I’m wear­ing a dress shirt with cer­tain new v‑neck sweaters. If I don’t tuck, the sweaters end up bunch­ing up odd­ly around my mid-sec­tion and make me look even skin­nier.

I don’t mind it so far, although it feels a lit­tle odd to have so much mate­r­i­al stuffed into my pants, like I have a skirt on under­neath (not that I have ANY idea what that feels like, or ever pre­tend­ed I was Candice Bergen from Attenborough’s Gandhi after find­ing a cache of my moth­ers old clothes as a con­fused ado­les­cent). I’ve always been most com­fort­able with the casu­al untucked-shirt with tie or blaz­er style. I’ve been against tuck­ing for so long that it feels like I’ve sold out, start­ed lay­ing down to the prover­bial “man”, but real­ly, I’ve only start­ed to tuck my shirt in on occa­sion.

I’ve also start­ed try­ing to sit up straight. I think that pos­ture is an impor­tant part of self-image, and real­ized that I’m con­fi­dent enough now to project it. My par­ents would always tell me to keep my shoul­ders back, because they’re gen­er­al­ly for­ward in a sleazy slouch. I’ve been try­ing to go cold turkey and not slouch at all, instead of only sit­ting straight when I feel rest­ed. The great­est chal­lenge is sit­ting up straight while eat­ing soup. The extra dis­tance the spoon has to trav­el to the mouth is scary, and after a while, I end up slouch­ing again to pre­vent stray drip­pings from mak­ing large splash­es.

Assorted Daily Life

So yeah.

Got my hair bleached blonde. I’ve always want­ed very pale blonde hair, but mid­tone is about as far as it goes.

Trolley, Aaron, and wheaties got me Half-Life 2 for my birth­day. I did­n’t have a chance to real­ly play it until this week­end, but I decid­ed to play through Half-Life: Source first, because it was four years five years since I last fin­ished it, and going through the game again would help me appre­ci­ate all the lit­tle details being put into the sequel. The odd thing is that I remem­ber tak­ing weeks to play it through, where­as I start­ed play­ing HL:S Friday, played a bit last night, and am almost done now. It’s nice to be able to sit and play through a game, tak­ing my time, not hav­ing to wor­ry about class­es, or assign­ments, or tests, etc. This makes me real­ize that I haven’t real­ly got­ten into a game like this since I fin­ished uni­ver­si­ty.

Finally get to go for some pho with Loo today. We haven’t been almost two weeks.

Aaron bought me a quadruple/quadruple from Timmies yes­ter­day, and it was good. I’ve been try­ing to cut down on sug­ar and creme for years now, so four of each being so sati­at­ing (almost can­dy-like) is very scary.

I took my first puff from a cig­a­rette yes­ter­day. It was a Matinee Extra Mild, and it was­n’t pleas­ant. I was stoned, and the weed tast­ed way bet­ter.

The Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex tracks that Number18 sent me are amaz­ing. She rules.

Been busy as fuck.

That’s all. I’m going back to sleep.

Hit Or Miss Wardrobe

I just real­ized that years of wear­ing school uni­forms, and the asso­ci­at­ed free­dom from hav­ing to decide what to wear, has made me fash­ion chal­lenged. Anything I wear is hit or miss, and I always have a hard time dis­tin­guish­ing between the two. There are tons of things I just can’t pull off, but not being able to actu­al­ly see that actu­al­ly makes such a fact impor­tant.

The Way Harder Means Brittler, Not Stronger

I think that most guys around this time of year pull a Pablo Francisco in New York, in this area at least, when the weath­er real­ly starts to go up and a lot of girls are anx­ious to show off their new sum­mer clothes. I sup­pose that I can admit to doing the same thing at some point, but I’ve sort of lost the feel­ing, so they say.

So many are in hal­ter tops and capris (ugh, capris), or oth­er skimpy, tight clothes, and it all just seems so bor­ing now. I might get dis­tract­ed if a girl dress­es with some more fuck­ing per­son­al­i­ty instead of dress­ing to show skin, but over­all hiz­zot­ness just does­n’t do it for me any­more. There’s got­ta be a lit­tle more, a lit­tle some­thing extra to real­ly keep my atten­tion.

Hopefully, that means I’m grow­ing up, not get­ting more super­fi­cial.