A Trip To Aaron's

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The week­end was hec­tic. Went home with Aaron to vis­it his par­ents. I spent two days at his house, along with Karen and Chris, and six cats. The cats have their own hier­ar­chy, with the broth­er (same lit­ter) of the old­est cat being the alpha male (Aaron believes that there was a chal­lenge because the old­est cat used to be the alpha male). When the alpha male decides to eat, the oth­er cats will part and let him eat first. Otherwise, the cats pair them­selves off for sleep­ing and explor­ing.

I also went to Jono’s wed­ding, which was nice and sim­ple. Jonathan’s vow was…sublime. It was an amaz­ing­ly well writ­ten piece, full of a thought­ful intel­li­gence, and his crack­ing voice could bare­ly con­tain his over­flow­ing hap­pi­ness as he read it. Unfortunately, I could­n’t stay for the recep­tion, but the most impor­tant thing for me was being at the cer­e­mo­ny.

Every oth­er moment was spent with Loo.

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  1. I’d love to hear a vow like that, too many are plain and not as mean­ing­ful as they could be.

    Anyway, the cat hier­ar­chy sounds kind of cute. Unfortunatley, I only have one cat, so I’ve nev­er been able to see some­thing like that in action. ;)

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