this must be the place

Somewhere, I have notes on family and names, the infamy of Cuban fare, being alone together, breaking the seal, passing Damian on the way to Havana, salty hair from salty air, rum and brown, threaded fingers, not enough euchre, every life-guard trying to sell me lobster meals, patterns on palms, plus 20 minutes Cuba time, finding out how deep my scars run, blushing through my sunburn, sand everywhere and in everything.


Katie and Seth


Florida birds-eye view

The sun sets on the sunshine state.

Bacunayagua Bridge

Bacunayagua Bridge, the highest bridge in Cuba, built through one of many virgin forests.


man pets dog

All kinds of dogs roam the streets of Varadero, most of them mangy and emaciated, also known as “the goofy-faced hunger”.

el templete

El Templete, a monument for the foundation of the town of San Cristóbal.

Castillo de la Real Fuerza

Castillo de la Real Fuerza. Thanks to it’s ineffectiveness as a star fort (built too far) in the Havana harbour, it now boasts being the oldest surviving stone fort in the Americas.

Thanks to George and his machete.

try the churros


People always ask me about the short-haired blond girl.


Plaza Vieja fountain

cab ride

Sitting in a time machine, aka 1952 Ford Crestline Victoria. Classic American automobiles are the standard rather than the exception, due to the scarcity of replacement parts from the US embargo.

Hotel Nacional de Cuba — lounge

Lounge at the Hotel Nacional de Cuba, host to the infamous mob summit dramatized in The Godfather Part II.


Christ of Havana

Cristo de La Habana, built from 67 blocks of Carrara marble that were shipped from Italy after being personally blessed by Pope Pius XII.


Catedral de la Virgen María de la Concepción Inmaculada de La Habana.

hold me

couple in the water

cat crossing


soda cars

Many baubles are upscaled from recycled materials. Soda cans are turned into purses and toys, and the teeth of forks bent to form stone settings for jewellery.

Explanada del Capitolio

Paseo del Prado, a street that divides Centro Habana and Old Havana. They say Havana is a city of contradictions — old and new, rich and poor — and it’s no more apparent than here. This was right across from city hall, where government sponsored girls are paid to give you a lipstick kiss you for a peso.

starry sky in Cuba

watching construction

They’re watching “Construction in the Capital”, season 421.

yank tank

A yank tank. Not everyone can afford to keep a car well-maintained, especially with a diminishing pool of parts.


Gran Teatro de la Habana

The Great Theatre of Havana.

by the pool at a resort

Hotel Raquel

Elisa angel


Many places are left to desuetude, poorly kept, and not even worth tearing down.


cooling off



Havana cars

John Lennon Park

A statue of John Lennon was made with his iconic wireframe glasses, but they kept getting stolen, so they hired this security guard to come place the frames on his face when requested by visitors. I imagine there was some stiff competition for the role.

Jose de la Luz y Caballero statue

overlooking Old Havana

Overlooking old Havana.

last stop

The cool kids sit in the back.


  1. Beautiful photos, Jeff. When were you in Cuba?

    • Thanks! It was a couple months ago, which was very much appreciated cause the weather was still cold in Ottawa.

  2. YOU WENT TO CUBA????????? Wow.

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