pulling weeds and planting flowers

Few people have been able to fill the void lately. The ones who do sing to me the unashamedly erotic songs of John Dowland and help me test new decks.

Through it all, I’ve been trying to take five breaths every now and then, inhaling and exhaling a little more fully than usual. Trying not to live like it’s a friday every day. Trying to figure out if I should apologize for using your song to score the moments I shared with someone else. Trying to reconcile my old Taoist beliefs with my new Buddhist views. Trying to be happy with the person I am, instead of letting discontent drive self-improvement.

house in the woods


Frigid winter days are teaching me patience and vulnerability. Some are easier than others. I’ve been working with the fickle swings instead of against them. Otherwise, it’s a constant struggle when trying to impose static order on inherently unstable processes. The hard part is making plans when you don’t know how you’ll feel from one day to the next.

Jesse arranges

Back in the day when we were doing covers of Frank Ocean songs. One of the most recognizable things about Jesse’s room are instruments strewn about.

The greatest test of my progress so far will be an acoustic show Jesse asked me to play with him on Sunday. Anxiety has been getting the better of me lately, and the prospect of having only two nights of rehearsal does nothing to assuage this.

I’ve been keeping in mind that we were able to pull off a decent performance last time when I didn’t know the show was going to happen until a few hours prior; one of those exercises to foster positive experiences and combat negativity bias. Fortunately, Jesse is a great frontman to be behind, cause he commands the attention of anyone watching, also taking the attention away from nervous fingers and live jitters.

cat and girl


The journey of self-discovery has been difficult. When there’s a history of trauma, it’s inevitable that an uncomfortable feelings get stirred up every now and then. I take care of myself by making sure I see the important people on a consistent basis and living in those moments. The little ways to heal are found in both the experiences themselves and the time one takes to internalize those experiences.

This is how I learn that self-compassion isn’t self-pity, and that most people bring less kindness to themselves than to others. To get on my own side, I’ve been visualizing myself as a child, just as worthy of care as any other. I would wish the best for that little person, and it helps me understand that I should wish the best for myself as well.


  1. Aw dang, I didn’t know Byron was being THAT cute behind my butt! The beautiful world through the rose-coloured glasses.

    • Yeah, I love that picture. It’s rare to catch him so completely relaxed and vulnerable, chin over leg.

      It also makes me a little jealous, cause he doesn’t snuggle up to me very often, and yet he’s like that with you EVERY TIME you’re here.

      • Byron’s a ladies man. You get more cuddles in total, he’s just seizing the day.

  2. What exactly do you mean by your former Taoist beliefs vs your new Buddhist beliefs? I’m intrigued.

    • Excellent question.

      I’ve been reading a book about Buddhism that approaches it through neuroscience instead of religion. I’m finding a lot of the exercises and practices to be very practical and relevant in dealing with the issues I’m having. Until I picked this book up, I had no idea how little I knew about Buddhism.

  3. I find Buddhism complicated, and hard to understand. Maybe you can share with us some of your enlightenments.

    • I find it quite abstract as well, and difficult to understand cause I can’t relate it to any Western religions/philosophies. I’m starting to pick up bits and pieces though, and will likely be writing about it at some point.

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