fourth show

It was a small opening set for a vernissage with a theme called Rumour Has It, featuring forty artists in a bike store in Hintonburg.

Jesse had the set list planned around the whole rumour theme, and we started learning the songs when I showed up for rehearsal. But I only found out we were playing that night when my calendar alarm went off to say the show had started. I thought we had an extra day at least to practice, but due to a time zone bug in Google Calendar, the show was instead happening in two hours.

fourth show

Jesse’s dad with his trusty old Martin.

I wasn’t ready at all — mentally or musically — and if I’d have bailed if didn’t have so much respect for Jesse, only because being under-prepared really isn’t my style. It was worth it just to be a part of what must be the world’s first father-son cover of Piece of Me Britney Spears anyway, which ended up being a great closer for the set. I don’t think I’d be exaggerating if I said the four people watching us rocked their fucking balls (and respective tits) off.

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