Jealous Jeffrey

It’s the first day we haven’t talked, some­thing nei­ther of us expected until some time next month. I think an ounce of Jäger will serve as com­pany instead, and maybe a diges­tif for the healthy salmon (who must have swam 100000km before being caught) that was thanked for din­ner. It burns the stom­ach and the throat, but doesn’t keep me warm.

Sometimes, she teases by call­ing me Jealous Jeffrey. It’s likely she’s gone to bed cause she has to get up early tomor­row, fallen asleep after a pil­sner she grabbed from work. But the mind wan­ders, and I think of her at a Sigma Nu party, being hit on by some frat boy with a popped col­lar and a striped wrist­band around his forearm.

I never worry though, not cause I know she’s mine, but because she does.


  1. That sounds like me and my boyfriend. He doesn’t worry about me because he knows I’m loyal and a worry wart. How is your eye­brow may I ask? I came across your blog after research­ing eye­brow pierc­ings and I got mine done this week­end! I think Asians look really awe­some with piercings!

    • The pierc­ing is still doing fine two years later, although the skin started to recede a bit, and now I think I need a shorter bar.

  2. I’ll say it again! AHA!! Yay!

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