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Jealous Jeffrey

It’s the first day we haven’t talked, something neither of us expected until some time next month. I think an ounce of Jäger will serve as company instead, and maybe a digestif for the healthy salmon (who must have swam 100000km before being caught) that was thanked for dinner. It burns the stomach and the throat, but doesn’t keep me warm.

Sometimes, she teases by calling me Jealous Jeffrey. It’s likely she’s gone to bed cause she has to get up early tomorrow, fallen asleep after a pilsner she grabbed from work. But the mind wanders, and I think of her at a Sigma Nu party, being hit on by some frat boy with a popped collar and a striped wristband around his forearm.

I never worry though, not cause I know she’s mine, but because she does.


Kitties are impossible to resist when you see them in every other viral video doing something hilarious or clever or just plain cute, and my plan to wait until life settled down a bit before adopting another one was as difficult as the intentions were noble.

I’ve had Byron for about a month now, and he’s already been a great companion. He hasn’t warmed up to sleeping with me at night, but he frequently sleeps in my lap, and follows me around the house, even going so far as to lie on the bathmat to watch me whenever I’m making a nice BM. He also rarely stops moving, which makes him especially difficult to photograph. Like Dolly, he can be quite a vocal cat, and will meow repeatedly when he knows he’s about to be fed or if I call his name.

cat on a couch


I can tell he’s already grown in the short time I’ve had him. It’s always fun to see how all the parts of kitties develop at different rates; right now he has big ears and a full tail, though his big mitts are more likely due to his breed. His face is also quite mature, though it isn’t particularly striking or unique.

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Wu Wei 2

Wu Wei, my free WordPress theme, is currently the 5th most popular theme on, with over 550,000 blogs using it at the moment (not including ones being self-hosted), and it’s become so successful that the administrators have made it one of the default themes for new sign-ups. By far the most common support question I get is why the version isn’t available for users (some have even offered to pay for an update), so I’m very pleased to announce the release of version 2 for self-hosted blogs.

The theme has been updated to take advantage of new features that came with WordPress 3.x, such as custom header and custom background APIs, custom menu management, as well as various under-the-hood fixes and improvements. Tags and comments have also been included on the front page, to bring better standardization across and versions.

People have asked me why I don’t charge for such a theme, seeing as how I’ve poured a tremendous amount of time and energy into something used by so many people. I can only say that Wu Wei has brought me much luck since its release, and thanks to it’s popularity, I’ve met many great people1, received new design work, and even had a chance to visit Britain — things I don’t think would have been possible if Wu Wei was a paid theme.

  1. There was even a case of an old ex-girlfriend finding me when she decided use Wu Wei before she discovered who made it. []

rose coloured veil

Thank you for friends from Scotland and mooncake from Hong Kong.

Thank you for guests and hosts and holidays.

Thank you for friends like Lisa and Flight of the Concords.

cat on lap

Thank you for healthy kitties.

Thank you for moving baselines and dubstep wobbles.

Thank you for locally grown beef and signature sauces.

Basia Bulat at the Ottawa Folk Festival

Thank you for inspirations and front row seats.

Thank you for British sitcoms, old and new.

Thank you for cheeks and daydreams.

friends playing Magic: The Gathering

Thank you for new friends and Magic nights.