Humble & Brilliant

Jesse’s Dangerously’s latest knockout album, Humble & Brilliant1, has been released as a digital download only with no physical media. However, you can also purchase a chapbook for those of us who enjoy the tactile feeling of liner notes, lyrics, and kick-ass illustrations. Included in the digital download is this topless picture of Jesse I took to promote the album.

Jesse Dangerously — shirtless


I have so many amazing memories of these songs, back before the album was released and I was doing backup ukulele parts for a few of his acoustic sets. That was when I was just starting to get into playing an instrument again, except this time it was in my adulthood and it was for reals. He gave me a draft of the album last year when all the ideas were there but he had yet to decide on how some of them were going to be executed, so it’s very satisfying to hear how polished and complete it is now.

There were a bunch of shots we did but didn’t end using, and they were all really fun to do.

Jesse Dangerously — closeup


Jesse Dangerously — hoodie


Jesse Dangerously — ukulele

Someone explain to me how this guy makes such good music with a $10 ukulele.

Jesse Dangerously — winter


Humble & Brilliant chapbook

Jesse gave me big ups in his list of contributors. Nukka wuuuuuut.

  1. Proper pronunciation has the emphasis on the last syllable of “Brilliant”. []


  1. That is so awesome! And these photos are fabulous.

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