new kitten

Leonard has died. :( I made a short film about his life.

Adopted another kitten from the Humane Society (and I wasn’t able to wait until the new year). When I went to go see him at the shelter, he jumped into my arms, started purring, and wouldn’t stop nuzzling my face. Even if he was any less cute, there’s no way I could have left him there.

He’s exactly what I was looking for: four months old, neutered, male, with a stubby tail. Cats with stub tails from shelters usually have their tails cut short because they’ve been run over by a bike, or caught frostbite, but on him there’s no sign of scarring so he was probably born with it.

I’ve yet to name him cause I want to see what kind of personality he develops first.

new kitten

At this point, his respiratory infection led to sores and he was bleeding from him nose. That’s why he looks sort of sad and groggy.

When I got him, he had an upper respiratory infection and was infested with fleas. I kept him separated from Dolly for more than a week, but she still managed to catch both. Now she’s really grumpy and sick, and he’s completely over it. She also feels huge, because the little guy is so small right now.

He likes to sleep by resting his chin on my cheek, or lying right across my neck. I’m currently trying to change his sleeping patterns because he’s still a nocturnal cat and gets up in the middle of the night to lick my face. And because he’s a kitten who doesn’t know any better, he thinks Dolly is playing with him when she gives him a swipe in annoyance. There haven’t been any real scraps between them yet. More of a playful fighting, where Dolly gives as good as she gets.

new kitten

He tries to sleep with her all the time, and Dolly is usually just too lazy to move away. I’m pretty sure this has helped her get used to having him around.

His tail isn’t buried under Dolly’s fat — that’s how long it is.

I wonder if I can be as good as Tiana and only write about him once a month the way she does with her son. But cats grow up so fast; they reach adulthood in one year instead of 18, so I’m more tempted to record him as much as possible when he’s so small and cute. I just don’t want to be a mommy blogger.


  1. Kitten!!! He’s so cute! Why was a stubby tail a particular desire of yours? Hopefully Dolly’s maternal instincts will kick in a bit, but the exercise will be good for her too. I am continually impressed at how much boundless enthusiasm young cats have for playing, playing, PLAYING!

    • I’ve determined that Dolly has no maternal instincts at all. She’s completely aloof around the little guy. Or maybe she’s just more jealous and that’s overriding it.

      I’ve been wanting a Pixie-bob breed of cat for a while now, and often they’re born with super stubby tails (about 1/4 of the original length). So I just kind of had that in mind when I was thinking of another cat. It’s a nice little unique detail that I like, and I didn’t even realize he had a stub tail until I got him home.

      And yes, I forgot how much endless energy kitties have…I swear I pick him off my desk a few dozen times a day. He never tires out and just keeps jumping back on!

  2. That would just make you a crazy cat lady blogger! He is SO CUTE! I would name him Col. Mustard.

    • I think I’ve always been a crazy cat lady…I just never blogged about it. Col. Mustard sounded so familiar until I realized it’s from Clue. I have a few names that I’m trying on him, but nothing has stuck yet.

  3. O NOES, does that make me a mommy blogger?? < : O

    He's totally cute, and YAY for saving another furry little life.

    I also hope you have some marking-spray cleaning fluid on hand. Boys are different!

    • I don’t remember you being a mommy blogger.

      And yeah, sad to think this little guy would have been put to sleep if no one adopted him. He was at the shelter for about a week, and I couldn’t believe no one scooped him up already.

      • Well not a mommy of a child or cat. I’m a dog mommy tweeter.

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