The Short Life of Leonard the Cat

The hardest part was putting away his food bowls, and that terrible sense of finality that he’d never be eating from them again.

Spending so much time at home meant Leonard was in my company for a large part of the day. I’m getting used to his absence, but I still miss the little guy.

I had a bunch of random footage and I never knew what to do with it, including a few moments from the first time I let him out of quarantine into the rest of the house. When he died I kept watching the footage over and over again until it sort of pieced itself together into this small vignette of a kitty who lived with me for less than three months. I hope they were happy ones.


  1. Hello Jeff

    I write from Spain and I apologise for my level of English.

    Well I would like to say you that I feel very sorry about the short life of Leonard. I love cats and dogs. I live with my dog Harpo Marx, very well known in Bristol… and I lost recently my cat the Tiger.

    Also I want to thank you about your work because my web and my blog come from your design. Entropía Estética means Aesthetic Entropy and it is an Association of lovers of arts.

    from Spain,

  2. Love the video, he sure was a happy little cutie :)

    • I can never tell if my cat is cute, of I’m just biased. They’re just like kids. :)

  3. They look like pretty happy months for the both of you, and Dolly looks not entirely unhappy too.

    • There was eventually a level of tolerance on Dolly’s part…I just wonder if it would have gotten even better over time if Leonard grew up and calmed down.

  4. Jeff I’m so sorry to hear about Leonard. I know how hard it is to lose a pet.
    He was a very adorable little kitten!
    I love the part of the video where he plays in the water from the tap; I once had a cat who used to do that. And when he does his “happy feet”; as I like to call it.
    I think it’s great how Dolly looks totally unimpressed with him. It’s funny how cats learn to tolerate new housemates, but still like to let you know who was there first.

    • Thank you…I wanted to capture Leonard’s first experience with running water. He would try to drink from the tap, then his head would get in the way and redirect the stream. It was the cutest thing.

      I didn’t include any audio when Leonard is playing with Dolly’s tail because she was pretty much growling the entire time. It was too hilarious not to record.

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