Went for a walk in the mar­ket today.

Saw a yel­low-haired home­less man almost get run over as he absent-mind­ed­ly tried to cross the street against traf­fic. When the dri­ver gave him an extend­ed honk, he took a slow drag from his cig­a­rette as he saun­tered back to the side­walk. There was no shame on his face, no embar­rass­ment, no wor­ry. He could­n’t have cared less. It was as if you could take noth­ing more from him.



I’ve always loved peo­ple-watch­ing, and today was no excep­tion. A lit­tle game I play with myself to fig­ure out some­one’s tastes and habits through their man­ner­isms. There were peo­ple on every cor­ner, and so much won­der held in the mys­tery of every one of them. It’s impos­si­ble not to feel hope at this real­iza­tion.

I’m always after that moment, when I’m caught between the focus and the enig­mat­ic blur, lost to the colours and the wind on my skin, and try­ing to make it last a life­time.


  1. Your para­graph about peo­ple-watch­ing, this is a bit tan­gen­tial, but reminds me of the char­ac­ter Grand Admiral Thrawn from the Star Wars extend­ed uni­verse. “He was a bril­liant mil­i­tary strate­gist and com­mand­ed the rem­nants of the Imperial Fleet in a series of stun­ning vic­to­ries against the New Republic. His study of his ene­mies’ art­work gave him insight into their thought process­es and cul­tures, allow­ing him to cre­ate high­ly effec­tive tai­lor-made strate­gies.” This past week, I played Texas ‘Hold-Em for the first time and it was inter­est­ing observ­ing how each per­son­’s approach towards pok­er reflect­ed his per­son­al­i­ty to some degree.

    • That’s interesting…reminds me of a scene in Patton where the German gen­er­als are study­ing footage of the American ones, and how they read the type of man he is from the way he inter­acts with his troops.

      I have to admit that I’m fre­quent­ly wrong about my inter­pre­ta­tions though, and it makes me a bad judge of char­ac­ter. Nowadays, I have to spend a lot more time with some­one before I real­ly feel like I know them.

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