No One Gets My Humour

Sometimes, my sar­cas­tic humour is so dry and sub­tle that peo­ple who don’t know me very well think I’m being seri­ous. I try to say things that are so ridicu­lous they can only be tak­en as a joke, but it does­n’t always work. Example:

Yesterday, Jairus made pulled pork sand­wich­es (took him 8 hours!) that smelled soooo good they made me hun­gry, even though I had just eat­en a huge din­ner. As we were watch­ing A Jihad For Love (about the coex­is­tence of homo­sex­u­al­i­ty and Islam), Jesse said, “Too bad these Muslims would­n’t be able to enjoy this deli­cious pulled pork sand­wich”. I said, “Oh, cause it’s pulled”, in a tone like I had just real­ized some­thing, but what I thought was a jok­ing man­ner. Everyone turned their heads at me, Ian said, “Cause it’s pork, yeah”, and he lin­gered on that yeah real­ly slow­ly, like he was embar­rassed for me, then every­one turned back to the TV. I’m pret­ty sure they all think I’m an idiot now, and that I thought Muslims have some­thing against ani­mals when they’re slow-cooked in vine­gar sauce.


  1. Hey, I can under­stand the joke (absur­di­ty), but only because every­body knows the real answer. I told you before, dry humour is your trade mark.

    • Absurdity is the per­fect word. I think I’m influ­enced in that type of humour by Stephen Chow and mo lei tau. That’s fun­ny, I nev­er thought I had a trade­mark!

  2. dude i woul­da got it i say shit like that all the time
    small exam­ple
    a song comes on like thun­der­struk by ac/dc and ill pipe up at some point and say u got­ta love kiss soo men­ny good songs thun­der­struck ‚rock and roll all night ‚enter sand­man lol and ppl lose there fri­gin minds
    and see i find it fun­ny that thay fall for an awnser we all clear­ly know the awnser 2 its them the joke was on jeff not ursellf lol

    • I total­ly hear your voice in my head say­ing those things…hilarious. I guess the joke is on who­ev­er does­n’t get it, as long as some­one else does get it, and you’re not the only one!

  3. omg as soon as I read you say because its pulled I cracked a smile. I too hate wast­ing good mate­r­i­al on peo­ple that just don’t get it…

  4. No one gets my sar­cas­tic humor either! I actu­al­ly just decid­ed to stop real­ly open­ing up and talk­ing to any­one because thats my way of hav­ing a con­ver­sa­tion and then i have to explain that i am not being oh so seri­ous! I total­ly got your joke btw and eng­lish is not even my first lan­guage

  5. bruh that’s hilar­i­ous and my humour is exact­ly the same, its for your head, you need to think about it for a while. I think that humour is bet­ter suit­ed for paper, because its gen­er­al­ly hard to digest such intel­lec­tu­al humor audi­bly. When you’re read­ing on paper you have a lot more time and space to digest what is being said, and you have much more of a chance at gen­er­at­ing teh lulz :)

  6. I had the same thing hap­pen to me this morn­ing. We use the same pass­word but we change the vari­a­tion. Not a huge secu­ri­ty risk sit­u­a­tion but it is all about being pass­word secure. Anyhow, as usu­al I sent the change by e‑mail but decid­ed that it should be in Latin but also trans­lat­ed to English because then they would get the vari­a­tion. Maybe it would have killed at the Vatican, sheesh.

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