Canada Day '09

Playing with Oli

Thumbnail: Little shoes
Thumbnail: Mark and Jen
Thumbnail: Pecan Pie
Thumbnail: Phil and Oli
Thumbnail: Ryan

(This is how behind I am on posting my pictures.)

Canada Day is always a way for us to catch up with each other once a year (for those from out of town), to see how everyone is doing over some barbecue and baked goods. There are always new faces, familiar faces, and this time, it was a little different, with three babies that weren’t there last year. My friends are starting to have kids.

Sometimes it’s strange to see Aaron with a baby. He’s what we consider an adult now, a grown-up, a father. Yet he’s still the same Aaron (which is a good thing), with the same stylish clothes, the same interests, the same ebullient attitude, except he’s holding a piece of himself.


  1. Video taken with my iPhone, with no colour correction or filters. Not bad for a camera phone. []


  1. thats my boy wont be long now till i teach him how to leg lock his daddy

    • And I’ll be teaching him Tai Chi!

  2. Beautiful photos Jeff – all of them! You have a wonderful talent.

  3. Hi, I came to this link from a friend who’s in the pictures and watched the video of the baby tossing … I am a god mom and have worked with children. Baby tossing, even the playful kind in the video can injur a child (and the baby coughed which showed this was too much tossing).
    Could someone send the dad this article ——Is-It-Harmful

    “Never shake or toss a baby or a child under age five.” Further, this research hospital advises that infants should not be wiggled or bounced.

    “When Shaken Baby Syndrome is not fatal, children may be left with serious long-term health conditions, such as cerebral palsy, learning disabilities, blindness, and mental retardation.

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