Feather Fountain Pen

Feather fountain pen

Pat and Jen bought me this feath­er foun­tain pen set from their hon­ey­moon to Europe. It comes from an Italian sculp­ture store, Fabris Giuliana in Venice, Italy.

Feather fountain pen writing

The nib is super fine; I don’t think I’ve ever owned a foun­tain pen with such a small nib, which is per­fect, because I tend to have small hand­writ­ing. You can’t even tell which direc­tion the stroke is going. So far it writes a lit­tle rough and scratchy, but with enough use, the nib will break in to my writ­ing style.

I’ve always enjoyed writ­ing. Not just the con­cept of putting ideas into more a tan­gi­ble medi­um, but the act of writ­ing itself, whether it’s on a key­board by night, or flow­ing lines on a sheet of paper.


  1. Sweet lud­dite geek­ery!

    That I want! I can have it on my desk so that I can use it to write for all my per­son­al cor­re­spon­dence like days of old. Or just scrib­ble my mad ideas in my note­book.

    Either way, that’s one hell of a rea­son to pick up a pen again rather than just pound away at a key­board.

    • Yeah, my hand­writ­ing qual­i­ty has real­ly tak­en a nose­dive in recent years, and this is a good excuse to revert back to old forms again. The only prob­lem is that it’s not as con­ve­nient for quick scrib­bles, because you have to wash the ink off the pen every time.

  2. Oooohhhh drool. I used to have some beau­ti­ful cal­lig­ra­phy pens, but this is way over the top… Wonder if it only has the one nib?

    • Yep, only one nib was provided…makes me not want to use it because I’m scared of wear­ing out such a nice gift.

  3. Just pull don’t push, it should be fine. : )

  4. It’s love­ly, but I’m pret­ty sure that’s a dip pen, not a foun­tain pen. I don’t see a reser­voir or any way to fill one.

    • Ah, I had no idea there was a dif­fer­ence! Thanks for point­ing it out.

  5. BTW, if it’s made like a stan­dard dip pen, you should be able to buy nibs at just about any art sup­ply store.

    • Yeah, that would be a good way to make sure I don’t wear down such a nice nib from Italy.

  6. I bought this set from Venice and from what I’ve noticed there is only one nib which isn’t inter­change­able, and it is a dip pen. It’s beau­ti­ful set and I still have it In it’s orig­i­nal box because I’m afraid of wreck­ing it!

  7. I bought a dip pen set while in Venice and it comes with a round leather patch. Does any­one knows what that’s for? And how to use it? I’m guess­ing is for nip main­te­nance and repair?

  8. From where to buy this is it still avail?

  9. I bought three of these and a wood­en dip pen from this store just today in Venice. Beautiful pieces!

  10. Hello guys.. I am in Venice rite now and would you mind point­ing out where to buy cal­lig­ra­phy dipped nibs and unique hold­er? I’ve got the Feather hold­er and nib and yes it is beau­ti­ful. But im look­ing for the wood­en hold­er? Thanks so much guys

    • BTW, there used to be a small sta­tion­ary shop just out­side Christopher Columbus’s his­tor­i­cal home in Venice, just by the small bridge. I don’t know if it is still there. You can ask around as you tour that charm­ing neigh­bor­hood.

  11. I have found one of these beau­ti­ful sets thrown away in house clear­ance. Its in pris­tine con­di­tion, any idea on any val­ue?

  12. Is that bulge on the grip an ink sup­ply? If so, that’s real­ly cool and I will get one because I’m look­ing for some­thing like it.

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