Going Home

Bike in snow

I’m going home today. It’s been a great trip. Just one more stop for lunch with an old boss before I make the dri­ve back to Ottawa.

Cracking pole

I miss sleep­ing in my own bed. It’s been a dif­fer­ent bed almost every night. But the trip was also filled with good peo­ple. People who are tru­ly touch­ing. And cats.

Bike in snow

I’m not feel­ing as over­stim­u­lat­ed as I expect­ed. Maybe I’ve been too busy for it to sink in.

I’ll be leav­ing in the ear­ly after­noon to catch the sun­set in the 250km stretch along the 401.


  1. jeff man i missed you when i went to ottawa i was hope­ing to catch up if you have time feel free to stop in on me in kingston gim­mie a holler 613 328 8428
    if not i under­stand and il see ya at new years gl bro and safe dri­ve

  2. @rob — There are a few week­ends until the hol­i­days, so maybe I can dri­ve down. You’re always free to stop by here too, I think I owe you a din­ner or some­thing. As you say, there’s always New Years if it does­n’t work out.

    @Life for Beginners — That, and sleep­ing with your kit­ty. :)

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