Someone To Take Care Of Me

It’s times like this I wish I had someone to take care of me1, because I’m tired of taking care of myself.

  1. Pat once told me there should be a person in every group who’s always controlled, calm, and together (in case of emergency, or otherwise), and he tries to be this person. It must be true, because he’s my rock, the friend who has never let me down. I once asked him if this idea extended to his marriage, and he told me that it applied to 90% of the time. But for the other 10%, when he’s tired, unmotivated, and doesn’t care anymore, Jenny takes over, and he admitted to me that he’s become dependent on this. []


  1. I NEED HELP. i lost those closest to me and then i lost my job. i am lonely, sad, down not to mention running out of money. i know i am loyal, kind, giving, i love to help others but now i need help. i am a good listener and very understanding. there seems to be no one i can turn to that can give me some emotional and other support at this time. :-( being 58yo, average guy, no one wants you!

  2. I fell down the stairs today and nobody was there to check up on me. My parents were yelling at each other in the garage and my sister was too distracted by her video game to hear me tumbling down the stairs.My sister didn’t even hear my scream. I’m fine though couple bruises but nothing broken, really lucky I guess, didn’t have my phone on me at the time. If I had broken something and really needed help I would have been there for a while. I just laid there for a long while trying to motivate myself to move, then I got up like nothing happened and nobody noticed a thing. I really wish I had someone to depend on.

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