Someone To Take Care Of Me

It’s times like this I wish I had some­one to take care of me1, because I’m tired of tak­ing care of myself.

  1. Pat once told me there should be a per­son in every group who’s always con­trolled, calm, and togeth­er (in case of emer­gency, or oth­er­wise), and he tries to be this per­son. It must be true, because he’s my rock, the friend who has nev­er let me down. I once asked him if this idea extend­ed to his mar­riage, and he told me that it applied to 90% of the time. But for the oth­er 10%, when he’s tired, unmo­ti­vat­ed, and does­n’t care any­more, Jenny takes over, and he admit­ted to me that he’s become depen­dent on this. []


  1. I NEED HELP. i lost those clos­est to me and then i lost my job. i am lone­ly, sad, down not to men­tion run­ning out of mon­ey. i know i am loy­al, kind, giv­ing, i love to help oth­ers but now i need help. i am a good lis­ten­er and very under­stand­ing. there seems to be no one i can turn to that can give me some emo­tion­al and oth­er sup­port at this time. :-( being 58yo, aver­age guy, no one wants you!

  2. I fell down the stairs today and nobody was there to check up on me. My par­ents were yelling at each oth­er in the garage and my sis­ter was too dis­tract­ed by her video game to hear me tum­bling down the stairs.My sis­ter did­n’t even hear my scream. I’m fine though cou­ple bruis­es but noth­ing bro­ken, real­ly lucky I guess, did­n’t have my phone on me at the time. If I had bro­ken some­thing and real­ly need­ed help I would have been there for a while. I just laid there for a long while try­ing to moti­vate myself to move, then I got up like noth­ing hap­pened and nobody noticed a thing. I real­ly wish I had some­one to depend on.

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