Patterns in the Chaos

I hap­pen to have a chance to write now. It’s rain­ing, so nat­u­ral­ly the win­dows are all open.

My life has been some­what chaot­ic late­ly. Weekends spent being social have been turned into intro­vert­ed exile, a way of charg­ing my bat­ter­ies once again. The added ben­e­fit is that I have more time to tie up loose ends on my projects. I’m even get­ting back into the still pho­to medi­um again.

Dry erase boards

I installed these dry-erase mark­er boards next to my front door. I use them to keep track of my tasks, projects, and errands, so I can come home and imme­di­ate­ly decide what I feel like doing. The two sil­ver clips are used for hang­ing notes and let­ters.

Nothing feels bet­ter than putting that thick black line through a task. Writing on frost­ed glass is pret­ty tasty too.

Dry erase board closeup

I use the oth­er board for quotes, a way to keep myself moti­vat­ed — or ground­ed — every time I pass by on the way in or out of the house. It’s also a nice way for me to prac­tice my hand-drawn typog­ra­phy, by try­ing to bal­ance char­ac­ters, words, and lines on the board in dif­fer­ent vari­a­tions in an esthet­ic man­ner.

There’s some­thing famil­iar about this. A feel­ing like I’ve been here before, not in this sit­u­a­tion exact­ly, but in the mid­dle of the chaos.

All I know for sure is that I feel like I can han­dle it much bet­ter than if this was hap­pen­ing a year ago.


  1. Hey Jeff
    I think those dry erase boards are pret­ty cool, too. Where can they be pur­chased?
    I’m a pret­ty visu­al per­son too, and I usu­al­ly have to see what I still have to do to avoid being over­whelmed by the idea that I have too much left to do!!

  2. I dig those. My desk is made out of frost­ed green glass very sim­i­lar to those boards. I think I’ve seen boards like those at Ikea.

    I agree with you on the sat­is­fac­tion of cross­ing off an item on your list. It’s amaz­ing.

  3. That’s a great idea! I love it! But I have to know where you got those white­boards from, I like that they’re almost but quite clear!

  4. Where do you keep the mark­er and eras­er?

    P.S. It looks like your post got cut off at the end. What was it that you

  5. I got the mark­er boards at Ikea for $25 each (called KLUDD). The frost­ed glass is nice and sol­id, but the clips and sil­ver but­tons that hold it in place are made of a cheap plas­tic. Still, not very notice­able until close up. I bet they would look even nicer on walls that are paint­ed some­thing oth­er than white.

    I keep the mark­ers and eras­er close by on a kitchen counter, along with a pen and notepad, next to the kitchen phone. I’d be eas­i­er to have a lit­tle tray there, but I think it would be too bulky.

    And Joe, my post did get cut off, but it was just a line of thought I nev­er fol­lowed through. There’s more that could be said, I sup­pose, but I think I’d just be digress­ing. Maybe one day, in anoth­er post. :)

  6. Those frost­ed-glass-dry-erase-boards look good, and prac­ti­cal too! it’s like hav­ing your to do list past­ed on your wall :D

  7. That is so sexy
    I need to get me one of those

  8. Get your­self a few…I would have installed more if I had the space.

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