I Wanna Be A Trailer Park Boy

Trailer park us

Cause Trailer Park Boys nev­er give up.

Cause Trailer Park Boys aren’t stuck in the rat race.

Cause Trailer Park Boys smoke weed, drink, and eat cheese­burg­ers all day.

Cause Trailer Park Boys love kit­ties as much as I do.

Cause Trailer Park Boys always dream, hope, believe in some­thing bet­ter.


  1. Trailer Park Boys have it much bet­ter than the Trailer Park Girls (at least as far as I have come into con­tact with them). I mean, the ones I know (remote­ly) (she says dis­tanc­ing her­self) give their birth con­trol pills to the dog and have rugrats by 15. Thus, life for Trailer Park Boys is a machis­mo illu­sion with lots of covert chaos. Fortunately you’re only an illu­so­ry Trailer Park Boy.

    With a seri­ous hot­tie, I might add.

  2. I com­plete­ly agree :D

    @Xibee Being an American you unfor­tu­nate­ly missed the ref­er­ence to the Canadian TV show “Trailer Park Boys”. It’s a faux-doc­u­men­tary series chron­i­cling the life of a group of peo­ple liv­ing in a trail­er park in the Maritimes, and it’s high­ly enter­tain­ing (and vul­gar). Download an episode or two and you’ll see what Jeff’s refer­ring to :)

  3. How in the world did I miss this?? I looked up your Trailer Park Boys and was intrigued.…I think I’m going to look for it as it says its now avail­able on DVD.

  4. Oh Argh!! Figures. Will see if I can check it out!

  5. Yep, I was refer­ring to the TV show, one of the most hilar­i­ous and orig­i­nal con­cepts in the mock­u­men­tary genre, an inter­est­ing look at Canadiana, and one of my favourite shows of all time because of how lit­tle these peo­ple have, but how hap­py and child­like they are. You either love the show or hate the show. Either way, I high­ly rec­om­mend watch­ing at least one sea­son.

  6. I did­n’t know it was a Canadian show. I’ve nev­er heard of the thing. Guess I should google it.

    Is that Bronwyn in that pho­to? How old is it?

  7. Yep, that’s Bronwen. Not sure how old the pho­to is, but cer­tain­ly over a year.

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