Pregnant with hope

Tiana asked me to take some pic­tures of her dur­ing her preg­nan­cy so she could have a record of what her body looks like com­pared to the rockin’ body it was before. In return, she posed for some oth­er projects I had in mind.

Pregnant body

It was an exer­cise in colour tones and mood. As I’m get­ting more com­fort­able in work­ing with RAW files, I want­ed to try my hand at adjust­ing tint, expo­sure, sat­u­ra­tion, and con­trast.

At one point I asked her how to spell “pre­gasaurus” (a term she came up with to encap­su­late her girth), and she remind­ed me that it was a made-up word, with no com­mon­ly accept­ed way of spelling it.

Pregnant and sleeping

The media makes preg­nan­cy out to be such a glam­orous affair, with design­er clothes and celebri­ty births, that it seems to be dele­te­ri­ous­ly affect­ing the younger gen­er­a­tion. I want­ed to por­tray preg­nan­cy in a much more casu­al, nat­ur­al light. Hence the ghet­to T‑shirt and the bel­ly stick­ing out.

Pregnant eating poutine

Thanks goes to Tiana for not only get­ting nude for me, but for being so pho­to­genic at eight months through the preg­nan­cy, and work­ing with me on these ideas.


  1. It would tech­ni­cal­ly be preg O saurus. I only know this because I had to do hand-let­ter­ing for a bunch of dinosaur pic­tures that end­ed up on Discovery Channel T‑shirts.

    Poor pregosaurus looks awful­ly uncom­fort­able and hot in that couch shot. Or maybe it’s my pro­jec­tion.… *(boil­ing)* I think that’s the shot I like the best, it makes me pre­sume some­thing more than what appears.

  2. It used to be that preg­nant women would bloat all over—in the limbs, neck, face. I don’t know why, these days, some preg­nant women are so slim they look like they’re walk­ing around with fake bel­lies.

  3. During watch­ing these pho­tos I had the warm feel­ing that how beau­ti­ful can be to be preg­nant and to bear a baby. In our mod­ern life lot of wom­ens expe­ri­ence the preg­nan­cy as a ter­ri­ble peri­od of their life suf­fer­ing from every­thing and they always com­plain. Pregnancy is not some­thing what women have to sur­vive but have to con­sid­er as a pre­cious time and to try to bear it with opti­mism. In our time it may be dif­fi­cult…

    • Also, mod­ern women are so strong and have so much respon­si­bil­i­ty: work­ing 9/5, cook­ing and clean­ing, exer­cis­ing and main­tain­ing a heathy lifestyle … all these things when endur­ing the stress­es and changes a body goes through dur­ing the preg­nan­cy. Women who are lucky and blessed enough to have a part­ner to love and sup­port them dur­ing this time, I am sure know how lucky they are. :)

      • I see it from the oppo­site angle; a part­ner would be blessed to have a woman who can han­dle such respon­si­bil­i­ties!

  4. @Tiana — And mass­gan­tic!

    @Xibee — I would imag­ine that hav­ing any kind of extra body mass that gen­er­ates heat would be very uncom­fort­able. Like walk­ing around with a heavy fur­nace strapped to your body. As a man, I’ll nev­er tru­ly know.

    @Uncle Joe — I know some­one like that actu­al­ly. She’s preg­nant but it bare­ly shows, aside from some dark spot­ting on the lips. Not sure why, but per­haps it has some­thing to do with metab­o­lism.

    @Kati — Since I don’t know many preg­nant peo­ple, it’s hard for me say, but I could under­stand that preg­nan­cy is a very dif­fi­cult time for some. Just the idea of how much a body can change in nine months is rather scary. Nonetheless, it remains a beau­ti­ful thing, and those who are able to expe­ri­ence it should be able to appre­ci­ate their abil­i­ty to do so.

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