Glamourous Paige

Thumbnail: Innocent Paige
Thumbnail: Paige's smirk
Thumbnail: Hopeful Paige
Thumbnail: Mischievous Paige
Thumbnail: Model Paige's
Thumbnail: Paige's purse
Thumbnail: Muted Paige
Thumbnail: Stoic Paige
Thumbnail: Paige's eyes
Thumbnail: Three quarters Paige

Usually I don’t post this many pic­tures of one shoot of a sin­gle per­son because there’s often a lot of redun­dan­cy, but Paige has a thou­sand expres­sions that must be cap­tured and shown to the world.

There’s a com­plex­i­ty in her face that betrays the lay­ers and lay­ers of her char­ac­ter. By turns ebul­lient, hope­ful, play­ful, and uncer­tain — every frame is dif­fer­ent. I feel like I could write an essay on her look alone.

Best viewed on large and on black, of course, so click the pic­tures. Commentary at full size.


  1. It’s her eyes that catch­es my full inter­est. They look as if the entire world is cap­tured there, the sun­beam­ing black core in the mid­dle rest­ing beau­ti­ful­ly like Earth sur­round­ed by the play­ful and bil­lowy waves in the many colours of blue. Amazing pho­togra­phies of an extra­or­di­nary look­ing lady.

  2. For me it’s in the lips that catch my full inter­est, because most of the expres­sion and per­son­al­i­ty comes from there with Paige.

    I agree about the eyes though. Certainly one of the advan­tages of using a soft­box; the reflec­tion of the light source isn’t as dis­tract­ing as with the shape and spines of an umbrel­la. It lets the eyes come through, and as you say, it’s as if there’s some micro­cosm there wait­ing to be dis­cov­ered.

  3. Lloyd and I were dis­cussing fem­i­nine beau­ty over a beer on Saturday after­noon many weeks after we first saw this entry and agreed that we want­ed many more pages con­cern­ing Paige.

    Such lumi­nos­i­ty is a trib­ute both to the delight­ful­ly beau­ti­ful own­er of such expres­sive eyes and lips but also to the tal­ent of the pho­tog­ra­ph­er who can explore their promise with only a cam­era lens and an all-see­ing eye [with apolo­gies to Tolkien for steal­ing his phrase].

  4. Unfortunately, Paige has moved out of town, and my access to her is now gone. I’m grate­ful to have had the chance to cap­ture her with the lens at least once.

    One of the nicest com­pli­ments some­one ever made about my pho­tog­ra­phy was con­cern­ing Paige. She remarked that she was sur­prised to see Paige in such a way; even though she looks like this, she does­n’t nor­mal­ly look like this.

    Some peo­ple have that hid­den beau­ty, the poten­tial of which is wait­ing to be explored. When they’re unaware of it them­selves and you can show them (as was the case with Paige, who had to have a glass of wine to calm her nerves before the shoot), it’s very sat­is­fy­ing.

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