Snow surrounds a bus shelter

Snow weighs down branches

Snow taller than a trash bin

Townhouses in winter

Snow is a rel­a­tive­ly hard thing to cap­ture on film. With so much white, there’s very lit­tle con­trast or tex­ture, so noth­ing to lead the eye. You want to give a sense of being suf­fo­cat­ed by all this now, but too much of the same thing in a pic­ture becomes bor­ing. It’s bal­anc­ing the sub­ject and work­ing with avail­able light that becomes impor­tant.

I don’t think we’ve reached the record for snow­fall yet, but we’re close. I tried to walk to work, but gave up. Even trudg­ing through the snow to get these shots left me sweat­ing. It’s days like these that I’m thank­ful that I live in a con­do, because my con­do fees go towards shov­el­ing the park­ing lot. People told me they had to shov­el their dri­ve­ways a cou­ple times in one night.


  1. yes, con­dos show their advan­tage this time of year. I just look out at those home own­ers shov­el­ing… :) good choice this con­do thing.

    Like the pom-pom tree branch­es.

  2. Yeesh… so glad I don’t live in the snow :p I guess the time I save shov­el­ing I spend com­mut­ing.

  3. I love pho­tog­ra­phy, but i my cam­era suck. oh yeah, i heard about the frus­tra­tion with shov­el­ling snow from my rel­a­tives in amer­i­ca. that’s why they moved to a more sun­ny state. cant remem­ber what state it was though.

  4. all I can say is; WEST is BEST
    I knew there was a rea­son to live west-coast style.…
    aside from a bit-o-rain…I don’t spend any time shov­el­ing or trudg­ing thru that white stuff :P
    ugly sight…especially in MARCH

    no thank you…I lived a year in ottawa…THAT was enough…ONE win­ter there.….no more :P

  5. Some peo­ple say your spouse is like snow — beau­ti­ful to look at from a dis­tance, but sog­gy and messy up close. Moderate snow gives a roman­tic feel­ing though.

    On the west coast, win­ter is con­tin­u­al driz­zles and the sun sort of hyber­nates. In the mid-east, there’re both snowy days and sun­ny days.

  6. @Pearl — The pom-pom tree branch­es were very dif­fi­cult to com­pose. I took a whole bunch of shots, but they’re either too close or too far. This one came out alright though, I’m glad you like it.

    @Sophia — Yep…every place has it’s advan­tages and dis­ad­van­tages. :) Personally, I’d rather have the snow.

    @Arden — You can be a good pho­tog­ra­ph­er with a bad cam­era. It’s not the tool, but the per­son behind it who can make a good pic­ture.

    @amy — It’s a BEA-UTIFUL sight. I may get sick of it by April, but for now I’m suck­ing it in. I guess this means I won’t ever be mov­ing West!

    @Uncle Joe — I real­ly enjoy that anal­o­gy, I won­der which cul­ture it orig­i­nates from. Even heavy snow will give a roman­tic feel­ing (the heav­ier the bet­ter, I think), but the con­se­quence is hav­ing to deal with it.

  7. Oooooh! Holy crap is that a phone booth?! I’ve been away from the work and the sog­gy aspects of it so long that it still looks won­der­ful to me.… there’s some­thing too won­der­ful about see­ing the mun­dane trans­formed.

    Although I well remem­ber slog­ging through slush in Illinois and being SURE I did­n’t want to keep liv­ing with it.

    West is Best until Christmas, and then you feel like a deflat­ed bal­loon.

  8. Aw. The snow in Detroit has total­ly melt­ed away. Left are only piles of dirty, poo-coloured, old snow.

  9. @Xibee — Nope, it’s a bus shel­ter. I think it’s best to have a nice fluc­tu­a­tion in sea­sons; it cre­ates a nice bal­ance. Once you’ve had enough of one, anoth­er one comes along.

    @maeko — That’s the only type of snow that isn’t sat­is­fy­ing.

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