Long Exposure

It snowed all day yes­ter­day, and well into the night. The white­ness out­side reflects the sky and has filled my house with bright light. It’s the week­end and I’m awake.

Banana smoothie

Banana smoothie

I’ve fall­en in love with smooth­ies. They are usu­al­ly com­prised of three bananas, three tan­ger­ines, a third of a pineap­ple, yogurt, juice, and frozen 4‑fruit berry or sum­mer fruit sal­ad. I have three a day. This makes me poo like crazy.

Life has been exhaust­ing­ly busy. The pho­to ses­sions are over, post-pro­cess­ing is done, and my pic­tures are all print­ed. The only thing left is to get them framed. I had my first ses­sion with my psy­chol­o­gist. I’m can­celling my Tai Chi tomor­row. I have to plan my relax­ation, and this does­n’t make it very relax­ing.

This week­end I hope to:

  • catch up on my e‑mails
  • fill out a bunch of forms my psy­chol­o­gist gave me, includ­ing a mul­ti­modal life his­to­ry inven­to­ry
  • order some Moo cards
  • work on a clien­t’s web­site
  • add a photography/portfolio sec­tion to my site
  • fit some fun in there some­where

Next week is going to be even more crazy, no pun intend­ed. Monday I’m meet­ing with the framer, Tuesday and Thursday I have Tai Chi, Wednesday I’m hav­ing din­ner at the gallery and meet­ing the oth­er artists.

I haven’t been sleep­ing well. In the midst of all this socia­bil­i­ty, I’ve been bat­tling my anx­i­ety. It’s filled me with a qui­et deter­mi­na­tion, but the long expo­sure has worn me down.


  1. i did not see watch the super bowl ar ur good friend robs house any­were on there :( aaron dident tell me you were pass­ing this year i under­stand and all but you will be missed my friend !

  2. Sorry man, it’s the anx­i­ety thing. Next year, I hope.

  3. Finally! Someone oth­er than me is blog­ging about their poo!

  4. friend­ly update man the ny giants won it was an amaze­ing game see ya next year

  5. @Tiana — I think you read her already, but Tina has a good poo entry every now and then.

    @Rob Mayer — For sure man, glad your Giants won. :)

  6. Apparently Zoom (I total­ly for­get how to make a hyper­link now that Livejournal sup­ports rich text… http://knitnut.net/?p=592) poo-blogs now too although not her OWN poo which is prob­a­bly cheat­ing…

  7. Apart from the scat­ol­ogy, what about all that sug­ar?? Jeff are you sure that won’t throw you a chem­i­cal side­ball? Not that I ever avoid it, of course.… but every­one tells me it makes for swoops in men­tal states to have so much glu­cose or fruc­tose or what­ev­er…

  8. @Tiana — Yeah, writ­ing about oth­er peo­ple’s poo is cheat­ing, even if they can’t write about it them­selves. Anyone can write about oth­er peo­ple’s poo, but it takes chutz­pah to share your own.

    @Xibee — I’ve thought about the amount of sug­ar I’m con­sum­ing actu­al­ly, and I’m not sure if it’s unhealthy or not. I can imag­ine table sug­ar being bad for you, but from fruits, I have no idea. It’s only the juice and yoghurt that’s unnat­u­ral­ly sweet­ened, and they don’t take up more than a cup out of a 6 cup batch.

  9. Now I want to go back and retag all my poo entries to have them in one handy place… ummm maybe when I’m on leave…

  10. I just start­ed pick­ing up the whole tag­ging-my-entries thing, and this makes me real­ize that I have to do the same with my poop entries.

    And if you did­n’t faith­ful­ly tag all of your poop entries, that means there are still rogue poop entries out there!

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