Portraits of Tiana

Tiana smiles

If you gave me the hypo­thet­i­cal option of pho­tograph­ing any­one I want­ed, I’d ask if it could be some­one who had already passed away. If so, I’d choose a Byronic hero like Mikhail Lermontov, or anoth­er one of the 19th cen­tu­ry Russian Romantics, or even Lord Byron him­self.

If I could choose some­one liv­ing though, I’d choose Tiana.

Perhaps this is because my pre­vi­ous attrac­tion to red­heads (which I can attest has been long gone though very well doc­u­ment­ed) has cre­at­ed some­thing of a bias in me.

Tiana grins to the side

Tiana smiling with eyes closed

Tiana out of focus

She’s been the eas­i­est mod­el to work with by far. We were fin­ished with­in 45 min­utes, both por­traits and the shoot for my project. I owe it to her pho­to­genic face, which can also pull off all sorts of hair­cuts.

Tiana portrait in black and white

Tiana serious

Even when not smil­ing, there’s a cer­tain grace and strength beneath to her com­po­sure.

Tiana's eyes

I love being able to find the hid­den beau­ty in peo­ple, so this was a rather emp­ty chal­lenge. Tiana’s beau­ty is so overt and in your face, there’s no mys­te­ri­ous­ness or sub­tle­ty in it at all.

Of course, this isn’t exact­ly a bad thing.


  1. I’m glad I come in sec­ond best to dead peo­ple. They have way more mys­tery.

  2. Second to dead peo­ple, and ahead of of 6.6 bil­lion liv­ing ones. :)

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