In a Child's Face

Thumbnail: A child's eyes

Thumbnail: Sitting on the bench
Thumbnail: Running through the grass
Thumbnail: Mom holds the shoes
Thumbnail: Playing in a puddle
Thumbnail: Running to mom

In a child’s face you see innocence, in his expression, hope, in his eyes, the world.


  1. Love the framing of the mom (I assume) with the sandals and the one on the bench. They have such a iconic-parent-experience-feel to them.

  2. Thank you! I’m so pleased with these photos. I tried to flow them a little bit, such as the picture of the sandals then the picture of the boy dipping his bare feet in the puddle. The lighting was perfect too…one of those long sunsets that bathes everything in warm light.

    My favourite is the one with mom on the bench though (the fifth one). The picture draws the eye from the boy, in the foreground but out of focus, to the mom, in the background but in focus, naturally hinting that she is his direction of movement. And by the way his arms are positioned, one can tell that the boy is running towards her.

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