In a Child's Face

Thumbnail: A child's eyes

Thumbnail: Sitting on the bench
Thumbnail: Running through the grass
Thumbnail: Mom holds the shoes
Thumbnail: Playing in a puddle
Thumbnail: Running to mom

In a child’s face you see inno­cence, in his expres­sion, hope, in his eyes, the world.


  1. Love the fram­ing of the mom (I assume) with the san­dals and the one on the bench. They have such a icon­ic-par­ent-expe­ri­ence-feel to them.

  2. Thank you! I’m so pleased with these pho­tos. I tried to flow them a lit­tle bit, such as the pic­ture of the san­dals then the pic­ture of the boy dip­ping his bare feet in the pud­dle. The light­ing was per­fect too…one of those long sun­sets that bathes every­thing in warm light.

    My favourite is the one with mom on the bench though (the fifth one). The pic­ture draws the eye from the boy, in the fore­ground but out of focus, to the mom, in the back­ground but in focus, nat­u­ral­ly hint­ing that she is his direc­tion of move­ment. And by the way his arms are posi­tioned, one can tell that the boy is run­ning towards her.

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