A Weekend with Darren

I had Darren over from Toronto for the week­end. We were going to do a movie marathon at the the­atre — three in a day — but the movies all sucked. Disturbia? Georgia Rule? Please. Instead, I bought the first sea­son of Six Feet Under, and we fin­ished the rough­ly 11 hour sea­son over two days. Now I can re-watch it with Bronwen and lend it to Pat. To be hon­est, I’d seen up to the sec­ond sea­son before, but I was too stoned to remem­ber most of it.

Thumbnail: Air-tight tea container

Thumbnail: Chai tea

Darren also gave me a nice tea con­tain­er. It’s rather large, since I buy my tea 50mg at a time, but bet­ter too big than too small. He also got me some chai tea, con­sid­ered a well­ness blend. When I asked him what for, he could­n’t give me a rea­son. I love gifts for no rea­son.

We shared our tat­too ideas, and his was the Chinese char­ac­ter for love on his back. Darren and Bronwen are the some of the few peo­ple I can talk open­ly with about love. We’re such hope­less roman­tics. We tell each oth­er that we’ll nev­er be mar­ried, not to be self-depra­cat­ing, but to be hon­est with our­selves. We have our ideals, and we’ll nev­er set­tle for any­thing less. It’s com­fort­ing to know that we’re not alone in our quixot­ic beliefs.


  1. The orange flam­ing ball that the drag­on is play­ing with on your con­tain­er is the Pearl of Wisdom (ju). Someone else will have to fill you in on the rest of the sym­bol­o­gy on the drag­on chas­ing the pearl, but I know that’s it. It’s prob­a­bly a Buddhist thing. Has to do with Qi, etc.

    It’s the same pearl that they hold up like a rotat­ing ball on a wand in front of the drag­on-car­ri­er guys in the New Year’s Parade.

    Here here for hope­less quixotics.

  2. A stranger has read this and finds it inter­est­ing.

    Seriously, a com­plete stranger. I was googling for instances where oth­ers have just stopped enjoy­ing mar­i­jua­na and gave up the “lifestyle,” and found this blog. After read­ing all the entries per­tain­ing to that sub­ject until I real­ized that this is pret­ty inter­est­ing read­ing and decid­ed to read a whole lot more.

  3. @Xibee — Wow…I love how you can teach me about my cul­ture. Now I’m all curi­ous about this Pearl of Wisdom, and I’ll have to read up on it fur­ther. Ju in Chinese means “some­thing small and pol­ished”, so I’m guess­ing that’s what it refers to. I nev­er even noticed that it was on the rotat­ing ball in those parades. That’s what I love about the Chinese cul­ture; there’s so much rich his­to­ry to it.

    @Stranger — Thanks for your kind words. I did­n’t real­ly stop enjoy­ing mar­i­jua­na :) but I knew that it was bad for me and I did­n’t like what I became while on it. Was it as hard for you to give up as it was for me?

  4. That chai shot is inter­est­ing. Any chai I’ve seeen is much more homoge­nous — except for a tibetan one I had in ams­ter­dam — it had some­thing that looked like an avo­ca­do pit in it. And it smelt more like farm runoff than chai — some very odd spices.

  5. I’ve nev­er seen the ingre­di­ents of a chai blend actu­al­ly. I had a chai lat­te once, but it was made for me at a restau­rant, and it had a very sim­i­lar aro­ma to the one

    There may have been some “extra” things in there if you were in Amsterdam. :)

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