Wedding Shot Scouting

Thumbnail: Church tower
Thumbnail: Brick corner
Thumbnail: Alterna Bank
Thumbnail: Matrix wall
Thumbnail: Brown brick wall
Thumbnail: Large brick wall
Thumbnail: Alterna Bank
Thumbnail: Lined wall
Thumbnail: On the stairs
Thumbnail: Stall warm-up
Thumbnail: Pat stalls
Thumbnail: Jeff stalls
Thumbnail: Tunnel pillars
Thumbnail: Wide-angle sunglasses

I offered to help Pat and Jen scout out some loca­tions for the wed­ding pho­tos. They’re look­ing for the less-con­ven­tion­al urban look, which I think is a great change from the clichéd tree and riv­er shots that have been done to death. Since it’s most­ly archi­tec­tur­al, empha­sis is placed on struc­tures, tex­tures, and colours. We spent a cou­ple hours down­town, dis­cov­er­ing areas of Ottawa that we’ve nev­er found before (and Pat’s lived here all his life).

This was prob­a­bly one of the most pro­duc­tive pho­to ses­sions I’ve ever had. I got a bunch of great shots, but there are too many to put into one entry here.


  1. Your wed­ding shots are awe­some. My favourites are the one of Brent’s shoes, and the one by Carmello’s with the small mul­ti-coloured tiles.

    Your hair, freck­les, tat­toos and magnets/buttons are just as awe­some­ness. Makes me wish I was­n’t in the wed­ding par­ty, so I would get a chance to take some pho­tos too.

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