Just Forget

Jeff: I can tell you feel the same
dar: do you still talk to her?
Jeff: no…I actually specifically told her not to talk to me again
Jeff: cause of some creepy stalker shit she was doing
dar: hahaha
Jeff: and she still e-mails me
dar: damn..
dar: she’s going to kill you in the dark
Jeff: hahahahahahahahahhahahaaaahh
dar: she prob. knows where u live
dar: and watches you

In university I met Mike, half-heartedly doing his biology homework in my cryptology class to hang out with his old high-school friend, the latter of whom was one of my clique. Mike has an odd charisma. His outspokenness means that he exudes confidence, and the girls love him for it. I’m never really sure if his mild chauvinism is a serious attitude, or just something he projects around other guys to fit in. One of those sexist assholes the girls can’t seem to resist.

He once confessed, “I have this Korean chick following me. You know, the kind you have to kick off your leg like a dog”.

Those girls are only in the movies, I thought to myself. The dorky ones with the glasses who have impossible crushes on the main characters, who, in turn, are completely blind to the awkward advances. The girls who sacrifice their chance at happiness, because they love him so much and just want him to be happy, martyring themselves in the minds of teen audiences everywhere.

But they do exist. Those stubborn girls who still try to keep contact after you tell them you never want to speak to them again. The girls who continue to check your blog at an average of twice a day, some sick voyeuristic fascination.

Those girls you wished would forget about you, so you could forget about them.


  1. i know exactly what you mean. i know one who is engaged now and yet still checks my blog multiple times every single day. 968 hits this month alone.. le sigh

  2. I had one of those, hitting my blog some 14 times per day. It was my neighbor. Talk about creepy.

  3. That’s beyond creepy…that’s a justified restraining-order.

  4. Unfortunately, anything you put on the net is considered public and law enforcement/the courts will do absolutely nothing about this kind of stalking.

  5. I think…

    I just want you to be happy and live contently until you are like 129 years old

    I could argue with you about this
    and pretty much everything else


    I’m running out of words
    & you’re running out of patience because you refuse to listen

    So when you reflect on this and you will someday
    Read line 3

    Anyways, I won’t vist
    unless I have another bad dream about you or my intuition tells me i should 4 some reason

    And seriously, deal with it cuz it’s just too bad for you that out there, there is some “psycho girl” who has feelings for you.

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