Just Forget

Jeff: I can tell you feel the same
dar: do you still talk to her?
Jeff: no…I actu­al­ly specif­i­cal­ly told her not to talk to me again
Jeff: cause of some creepy stalk­er shit she was doing
dar: haha­ha
Jeff: and she still e‑mails me
dar: damn..
dar: she’s going to kill you in the dark
Jeff: haha­ha­ha­ha­ha­ha­hah­ha­ha­haaaahh
dar: she prob. knows where u live
dar: and watch­es you

In uni­ver­si­ty I met Mike, half-heart­ed­ly doing his biol­o­gy home­work in my cryp­tol­ogy class to hang out with his old high-school friend, the lat­ter of whom was one of my clique. Mike has an odd charis­ma. His out­spo­ken­ness means that he exudes con­fi­dence, and the girls love him for it. I’m nev­er real­ly sure if his mild chau­vin­ism is a seri­ous atti­tude, or just some­thing he projects around oth­er guys to fit in. One of those sex­ist ass­holes the girls can’t seem to resist.

He once con­fessed, “I have this Korean chick fol­low­ing me. You know, the kind you have to kick off your leg like a dog”.

Those girls are only in the movies, I thought to myself. The dorky ones with the glass­es who have impos­si­ble crush­es on the main char­ac­ters, who, in turn, are com­plete­ly blind to the awk­ward advances. The girls who sac­ri­fice their chance at hap­pi­ness, because they love him so much and just want him to be hap­py, mar­tyring them­selves in the minds of teen audi­ences every­where.

But they do exist. Those stub­born girls who still try to keep con­tact after you tell them you nev­er want to speak to them again. The girls who con­tin­ue to check your blog at an aver­age of twice a day, some sick voyeuris­tic fas­ci­na­tion.

Those girls you wished would for­get about you, so you could for­get about them.


  1. i know exact­ly what you mean. i know one who is engaged now and yet still checks my blog mul­ti­ple times every sin­gle day. 968 hits this month alone.. le sigh

  2. I had one of those, hit­ting my blog some 14 times per day. It was my neigh­bor. Talk about creepy.

  3. That’s beyond creepy…that’s a jus­ti­fied restrain­ing-order.

  4. Unfortunately, any­thing you put on the net is con­sid­ered pub­lic and law enforcement/the courts will do absolute­ly noth­ing about this kind of stalk­ing.

  5. I think…

    I just want you to be hap­py and live con­tent­ly until you are like 129 years old

    I could argue with you about this
    and pret­ty much every­thing else


    I’m run­ning out of words
    & you’re run­ning out of patience because you refuse to lis­ten

    So when you reflect on this and you will some­day
    Read line 3

    Anyways, I won’t vist
    unless I have anoth­er bad dream about you or my intu­ition tells me i should 4 some rea­son

    And seri­ous­ly, deal with it cuz it’s just too bad for you that out there, there is some “psy­cho girl” who has feel­ings for you.

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