Long-Term Issue

The day was going so well. It’s the end of the week, work has­n’t been too stress­ful, and tonight is sup­posed to be fun.

One tiny fuck­ing thing had to ruin it.

I can’t believe I almost broke down here. I can’t even cry, when it feels like let­ting go and bawl­ing my eyes out would be the only way to get it all out of my sys­tem. I can only sit here, my eyes swollen and tired, and force myself to work. I don’t know how oth­er peo­ple deal with their prob­lems, because I’m not the only one. I just seem to be the only one who has­n’t come to terms with it all.

Am I just a nat­u­ral­ly weak per­son? How are oth­ers, who seem to have gone through the same thing, not be affect­ed by it? Will this ever go away?

Before, I sim­ply hat­ed. Then, for years, I believed that I came to terms with it. Now, I sim­ply ques­tion why.

Why is it so hard for me to get over this?

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  1. i wish you felt like you could talk to me about things.

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