Seeing Through

I hate how trans­par­ent peo­ple can be. Let me guess…you want to impress this girl, you want to talk about your­self, you want some of my fries, you think that girl has a nice ass, you love your rep­u­ta­tion as a char­ac­ter, you want me to lis­ten to this song.

I only con­sid­er it trans­par­ent when these peo­ple nev­er actu­al­ly say what they think or what. It’s not like they begin with, “I only act this way around you cause I want in your pants”, or “I don’t real­ly care about you but I’ll let you speak first so I can have my turn lat­er”, or “I want some of your fries so I keep ask­ing about how good they are so you’ll offer me some”, or “You’re hot so I’m going to stare”, or “I want a crazy rep­u­ta­tion so I’m going to act crazy”, or “I want to be the one who intro­duced you to this song”.

I’ve been told that I’m very trans­par­ent when it comes to peo­ple I don’t like, and hope­ful­ly that’s the only case for me. I gen­er­al­ly won’t go around telling peo­ple that I hate them, but I’d rather some­one know than not know. That way they won’t waste their time with me and I won’t waste my time with them.

Things would cer­tain­ly be a lot bet­ter that way.


  1. Si tout le monde savait ce que pen­sait autrui, il n’y aurait pas trois amis de part le monde.”
    Signé : quelqu’un. A pro­pos de l’ami­tié.

    In eng­lish, it should be like :
    “If every­body knew what every­body thought, it won’t enven be 3 friends in the world.”
    Signed by some old french writer I do not remem­ber.

  2. Je suis d’ac­cord. To me, a friend is some­one who can total­ly accept every­thing about some­one. My friends basi­cal­ly know every­thing about me, good and bad, but they’re still my friends. That’s prob­a­bly why I only con­sid­er a few peo­ple friends, or why only a few peo­ple are still my friends. I think that’s a lot bet­ter than being pseu­do-friends with a bunch of peo­ple I bare­ly know. What would be the point in that? I’d rather some­one not be my friend, than be my friend until they find out some­thing about me that they can’t deal with or accept.

  3. the one that gets me, is the one where a per­son will let out a loud sigh, hop­ing you’ll ask what’s wrong. nobody sighs when no one’s around.

  4. Frankly, I enjoyed the bound­ary pho­to of your cat so much, I saved it to my hard dri­ve. And I nev­er save oth­er peo­ple’s pho­tog­ra­phy because it’s all just pic­tures to me.

    I’m glad your blog is as delight­ful as that pic­ture.

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