Monthly Archives: April 2004

Don't Be Brash (Cause Your Friends Will Suck, Just Like You)

When the char­ac­ter of a man is not clear to you, look at his friends.

—Japanese Proverb

Ever meet some­one whose com­pa­ny was ques­tion­able at best, and think, “Why does this per­son hang out with these peo­ple?”

One may imme­di­ate­ly think of the “friends” in ques­tion, peo­ple who prove to be stu­pid, super­fi­cial, unpleas­ant at best. Ultimately, how­ev­er, the truth lies in the key per­son who keeps such com­pa­ny. The apho­risms have nev­er been more true.

In the case of ques­tion­able com­pa­ny, the answer is atten­tion. A per­son with a mot­ley crew of friends, each one unlike the next, and each one con­sis­tent in their lack of social skills, is most like­ly a per­son who is after atten­tion.

The rea­sons for this are as plen­ti­ful as they are var­ied. Some are only com­fort­able when they are around oth­ers. Others enjoy the feel­ing of being a per­son who knows every­one. And some are so sub­con­scious­ly inse­cure as to need such com­pa­ny to believe they’re of some val­ue. So, to under­stand the seem­ing­ly eclec­tic taste in peo­ple of the key per­son, one must look to his or her com­pa­ny.

And often that proves to be more reveal­ing than any­thing else.

Bad Week, Good Break

Bad week has come to a pre­ma­ture end, as of 4:50 pm today. Things some­how worked them­selves out bet­ter than I could have imag­ined. The day was hell though; I was run­ning on lit­tle sleep, lit­tle ener­gy, lit­tle time, and lit­tle patience. Had to skip out on din­ner and movie tonight, just because I feel so drained and need some down-time.

This break could­n’t have come at a bet­ter time. Tindersticks was tear­ing my fuck­ing heart out this morn­ing.

The Begging Landmark

One of the more inter­est­ing local land­marks is a pan­han­dler who has his prac­tice set up on the Mackenzie King Bridge. I start­ed notic­ing him ever since I came to this city, every time I walked up the bridge to the Rideau Centre. I’ve seen him in stills in the uni­ver­si­ty news­pa­per, or in pass­ing while tak­ing the bus along the tran­sit­way. Ever since win­ter start­ed though, he’s been wear­ing a very blue, very “Toronto Maple Leafs” toque. I won­der if some­one gave it to him, or whether he pro­cured it him­self, using the change giv­en to him by his fel­low cit­i­zens and Sens fans.

It’s a dan­ger­ous thing to be wear­ing such a high pro­file hat in this city. Especially when one is so easy to find.

Hoodie Mood

Fuck bad day. This is going to be a bad fuck­ing week. The only sav­ing grace is that I can come home and hang out with Trolley every day.

Maybe I’m just in a bad mood because of lack of sleep. I can’t think straight, I can’t con­cen­trate, I can’t remem­ber things, I can’t do shit. Can’t get my fuck­ing freez­er moved. It’s rain­ing and I just washed these pants. Remembered my dry­wall put­ty in my 16th floor room when I stepped out­side on the cement. Couldn’t find pics for a post on the drool mate­r­i­al over at Tristan. Where did my red­head of choice in the pin-striped suit go? Have to com­plete­ly clean the old apart­ment after work. It’s time for some In Utero. I could real­ly go for some super sweet, super creamy, real cof­fee right now.

It’s a hood­ie day. An over­sized BR hood­ie day.