Monthly Archives: April 2004

Don't Be Brash (Cause Your Friends Will Suck, Just Like You)

When the character of a man is not clear to you, look at his friends.

—Japanese Proverb

Ever meet someone whose company was questionable at best, and think, “Why does this person hang out with these people?”

One may immediately think of the “friends” in question, people who prove to be stupid, superficial, unpleasant at best. Ultimately, however, the truth lies in the key person who keeps such company. The aphorisms have never been more true.

In the case of questionable company, the answer is attention. A person with a motley crew of friends, each one unlike the next, and each one consistent in their lack of social skills, is most likely a person who is after attention.

The reasons for this are as plentiful as they are varied. Some are only comfortable when they are around others. Others enjoy the feeling of being a person who knows everyone. And some are so subconsciously insecure as to need such company to believe they’re of some value. So, to understand the seemingly eclectic taste in people of the key person, one must look to his or her company.

And often that proves to be more revealing than anything else.

Bad Week, Good Break

Bad week has come to a premature end, as of 4:50 pm today. Things somehow worked themselves out better than I could have imagined. The day was hell though; I was running on little sleep, little energy, little time, and little patience. Had to skip out on dinner and movie tonight, just because I feel so drained and need some down-time.

This break couldn’t have come at a better time. Tindersticks was tearing my fucking heart out this morning.

The Begging Landmark

One of the more interesting local landmarks is a panhandler who has his practice set up on the Mackenzie King Bridge. I started noticing him ever since I came to this city, every time I walked up the bridge to the Rideau Centre. I’ve seen him in stills in the university newspaper, or in passing while taking the bus along the transitway. Ever since winter started though, he’s been wearing a very blue, very “Toronto Maple Leafs” toque. I wonder if someone gave it to him, or whether he procured it himself, using the change given to him by his fellow citizens and Sens fans.

It’s a dangerous thing to be wearing such a high profile hat in this city. Especially when one is so easy to find.

Hoodie Mood

Fuck bad day. This is going to be a bad fucking week. The only saving grace is that I can come home and hang out with Trolley every day.

Maybe I’m just in a bad mood because of lack of sleep. I can’t think straight, I can’t concentrate, I can’t remember things, I can’t do shit. Can’t get my fucking freezer moved. It’s raining and I just washed these pants. Remembered my drywall putty in my 16th floor room when I stepped outside on the cement. Couldn’t find pics for a post on the drool material over at Tristan. Where did my redhead of choice in the pin-striped suit go? Have to completely clean the old apartment after work. It’s time for some In Utero. I could really go for some super sweet, super creamy, real coffee right now.

It’s a hoodie day. An oversized BR hoodie day.