Monthly Archives: February 2004

More Gosu Than You

It’s always funny when someone tries to play a mind game on me. For some reason they never work, so I really don’t mind them.

The secret, often confused with apathy, is actually the willingness to sacrifice everything, or the acceptance of such. Unless one is prepared to give up everything, there are no guarantees about what will happen. When one accepts the fact that they may lose a relationship, then one has nothing to lose.

It’s this power, this weight, that guarantees a victory. Bluffing such a thing is unpredictable and generally not recommended. Of course, knowing the opponent inside and out is an advantage. It’s like seeing his or her hand in a card game, and sometimes, this is enough to win if one is unable to pay a high a price as a relationship.

Such a strategy may leave one with few friends, but who’s a friend who plays mind games?

Love Them Or Leave Them

I have a love/hate relationship with Hong Kong films. I’m glad that OMNI 2 has become an ethnically diverse channel, but every time a Hong Kong movie comes on, I’m not sure whether or not I should make some popcorn or put an axe through the TV.

I love the movies because they remind me of every single thing about Hong Kong that has so poignantly affected me (and I feel smart when I get the jokes).

I hate the movies because 90% of them end up being crap like Love Undercover 2: Love Mission. It’s all a reminder of the sad state of affairs that Hong Kong popular culture is in right now.

As Long As I Pass

I can’t study without rewards. This may possibly be the fault of my parents, telling me from an early age that I’d earn something for every spelling test I got perfect. I told some of my classmates at the time, who would earn nothing but the paltry praise of their parents, and they rather precociously told me that such a system was unhealthy. Of course, I was too young to understand such things at the time, and now I find myself unable to be motivated to study without thinking that I’ll get to do something fun as a break.

I’ve been trying to study for my accounting mid-term all week, and couldn’t actually get started until I knew that there was something entertaining I could do. At first it was playing Chrono Cross, but my emulator was just too buggy. Then it was trying to make a new background, but it ended up being too much thinking for a break. I moved onto Uru, and I’ve been playing it ever since. I have to admit that there are worlds that completely take my breath away. It’s one of the few games that really make me appreciate a high-end GPU. I wish I could be playing with Trolley, but I rather like being able to solve the puzzles by myself. I’m always, always, ALWAYS the slowest one in figuring things out, and never the one who gets the answer if I’m playing in a group.

A Cat With No Worries

Dolly always likes to have her own chair. She gets so involved with her sleeping that she gets into all sorts of positions without opening her eyes. Sometimes I catch her rolling her fat ass right off the chair, then give a shake of her head when she realizes what just happened.