As Long As I Pass

I can’t study with­out rewards. This may pos­si­bly be the fault of my par­ents, telling me from an ear­ly age that I’d earn some­thing for every spelling test I got per­fect. I told some of my class­mates at the time, who would earn noth­ing but the pal­try praise of their par­ents, and they rather pre­co­cious­ly told me that such a sys­tem was unhealthy. Of course, I was too young to under­stand such things at the time, and now I find myself unable to be moti­vat­ed to study with­out think­ing that I’ll get to do some­thing fun as a break.

I’ve been try­ing to study for my account­ing mid-term all week, and could­n’t actu­al­ly get start­ed until I knew that there was some­thing enter­tain­ing I could do. At first it was play­ing Chrono Cross, but my emu­la­tor was just too bug­gy. Then it was try­ing to make a new back­ground, but it end­ed up being too much think­ing for a break. I moved onto Uru, and I’ve been play­ing it ever since. I have to admit that there are worlds that com­plete­ly take my breath away. It’s one of the few games that real­ly make me appre­ci­ate a high-end GPU. I wish I could be play­ing with Trolley, but I rather like being able to solve the puz­zles by myself. I’m always, always, ALWAYS the slow­est one in fig­ur­ing things out, and nev­er the one who gets the answer if I’m play­ing in a group.

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