Hong Kong Jockey Club

I got the chance to go to the Hong Kong Jockey Club coun­try club today, which was quite a priv­i­lege. They own the only two horse tracks in Hong Kong, which is home to quite a pop­u­lar gam­bling habit. It’s the cheap­est coun­try club to be a mem­ber of, but also the most exclu­sive. There’s a max­i­mum of 200 vot­ing mem­bers (one has to be a horse breed­er to be a vot­ing mem­ber), and each vot­ing mem­ber can only spon­sor two peo­ple every year. To be accept­ed into the club, one needs two spon­sors, which my uncle was lucky enough to have many years ago. The tread­mills in the work­out room all have per­son­al tele­vi­sion sets with head­phones and cable. Just from park­ing at the club­house, there were tons of Mercedes, Porches, and Audis.

I had some rib eye roast there for lunch. It was the most ten­der, most juicy, most savoury piece of meat I have ever eat­en, well worth the tab I ran on my uncles account. The Cabernet Sauvignon was decent, with a light taste and mel­low fin­ish. I thanked him for the meal, and promised him that I’d take him out for lunch one day when I had a job. He looked at me as if such a thing was unnec­es­sary, and that he was sim­ply glad that I had such a plea­sur­able lunch.

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