Monthly Archives: November 2003

I Mentally Outgrow My Clothes

Found a great stark red dress shirt at Banana Republic yesterday that I wanted to purchase right then and there, but unfortunately I don’t have any money anymore. I’m flat out broke, going into debt for the first time in my life, unless I decide to take up a temporary job in January instead of going back to school. The first thing I’m going to buy when I get a job is new clothes. Running across that shirt gave me a great idea though; I’m going to try introducing more reds into my wardrobe. I currently only have a maroon golf shirt, and most of my clothes don’t seem to match my current moods/outlook. The previous year has been very neutral khaki and navy blue, while the year before that was mostly blacks and greys.

The only real downside to constant mental change is that it seems like I’m outgrowing my wardrobe every year.

The Hong Kong Packing List

Things I’m taking on my trip to Hong Kong include:

Patches Gets Put Down

Patches on the couch

Poor Patches has to be put down today. I have the option of being present during the process, but I really doubt that I could handle something like that. He hasn’t stopped peeing and pooing on my carpet for the last few weeks, and doesn’t seem to be very happy with Dolly attacking him every time she sees him. He’s too old to be adopted by anyone; all attempts to find a suitable owner have turned up fruitless. Since he’s so old and doesn’t adapt well to moving anyway, Trolley, Aaron, and I think it’s best that he’s put down now. He’s lived a very good fourteen years, spoiled by Aaron in his childhood. Nick and I have really enjoyed him being around these last few weeks (aside from the constant carpet elimination). He was very docile, vocal, and affectionate, always trying to sleep on me whether I was awake or not. Sometimes he would follow me around the apartment when I was doing chores for the chance that I would sit down and turn into a pillow. When Nick and I would chill on the couch, he would be the third stooge, always hanging out with us. I gave Aaron some time alone with Patches and a bag of Temptations. Everyone will definitely miss him.

This Is Why You Don't Know Me

I never tell anyone to keep my secrets. I only tell secrets to those I trust, which happens to be less than a handful of people. These people know me well enough to understand the gravity of what I talk about and gage whether they should keep it to themselves.

Whenever people ask that I don’t tell anyone else about what they’re about to say, I never even acknowledge the request. For me, it’s a complete given, something that shouldn’t even have to be said. I will rarely talk about anyone to anyone else, because one can never be too sure about what should be kept secret. Some people find that I take this a little to the extreme, since I won’t even talk about something like what someone ordered for dinner on the off-chance that they’re on a diet and don’t want others to know. The risk of hurting somebody is never worth it to me.

I think this way mainly due to the fact that I’ve gone through a lot of pain and trouble, simply due to some “innocent” gossip. I can’t fucking stand it when people talk about things that don’t concern them in any way, aside from only knowing the people involved. I especially can’t stand it when someone knows that saying something is wrong, and they go ahead and do it anyway. It’s made me a very unopen person to most. It’s not just the potential for hurt though, there are some things that I simply don’t want people to know.

But that’s another story altogether.