Idiots At The Cabin

I went out yes­ter­day with Trolley and Wheaties to a sort of gath­er­ing at the Cabin. We did­n’t know any­one there, and just sat around while the gigan­tic group of friends there was insipid­ly super­fi­cial and obnox­ious. Some idi­ot­ic drunk girl kept hit­ting my head with her arms and body (unin­ten­tion­al­ly) while she was talk­ing to some guy. Trolley, Wheaties and I downed our beers (I had an EX, which was much bet­ter than any­thing they had on tap with it’s dark­er, rich­er flavour, but it start­ed to taste like rust after a while) and head­ed off to the Dom for some pool instead. Sometimes I just can’t stand peo­ple, and yes­ter­day was one of those times.

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