Music On The Bus, Living With Nick, Infernal Affairs

Whenever I ride the bus, I lis­ten to my music at a vol­ume which drowns out any out­side noise. This is not only due to the fact that the bus­es here are obnox­ious­ly loud, but the fact that I can’t stand lis­ten­ing to the insipid con­ver­sa­tions going on around me as well. I’d rather not lis­ten to you hit­ting on that girl or how fun­ny you think you are. I don’t want to hear about your opin­ions on The Latest Movie or how rude that cus­tomer was at work or how many times you decide to add “like” in a sen­tence. I sup­pose that it’s no one is real­ly at fault, since the roar­ing engines in each bus pre­vent con­ver­sa­tions at a nor­mal vol­ume. I can only hope that I don’t annoy oth­er peo­ple as much as they annoy me if I’m trav­el­ing with a friend.

Nick has been accept­ed on the lease and will be mov­ing in at the begin­ning of August.

I watched Infernal Affairs and enjoyed it. I par­tic­u­lar­ly liked the cool colours of the film, which con­trasts with how Hong Kong is nor­mal­ly por­trayed in the movies. Anthony Wong is great as the super­in­ten­dent, but all the oth­er guys look too good to be cops.

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