I’ve come to understand the mindsets of a few different types of people when it comes to personal problems. Most people I know will simply deal with any problems, instead of fighting them head on. I find that I try to do the same thing sometimes, but I tend to come out a little worse for wear. Most have probably gained more serenity, something that I’m still learning to control.

Yet when most people are dealing with their issues in a passive manner, the methods become even more diverse. Justification seems to be a very common method, but many justify in different ways.

Some that I know believe that life is simply full of disappointments (a few Buddhist candidates, I’m sure) and that any bad things that come their way should simply be understood. They don’t get angry or upset, and they seem to come out on top of things in the end. Others try to ignore the problems, since thinking about them will only make things worse. Some that I know even use such bad situations to their advantage by exaggerating them for some cheap attention. I even know others who are able to feel better by comparing themselves to others.

Some will simply get depressed.

I find that I generally fall in either the former or the latter categories. I would hope so at least, since I’ve been in the latter for a great part of my life. I’ve been able to deal with things a little bit better now, for about three years. I suppose that it’s something that Rob was able to teach me, but probably also due to the fact that I’ve had a good last three years. I’ve been able to see the other side of life that so many others seem to be able to experience. I feel like I’ve only gotten a taste, and that I should try to experience it again.

But God still owes me some serenity.

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