Thoughts On New Years Eve

I haven’t been able to get any read­ing done. I stayed over at Aaron’s the night before, and we spent the night play­ing Gamecube and XBox with his broth­er. We went shop­ping and saw Lord of the Rings when we woke up a few hours lat­er.

My par­ents bought me a great cook­book for Christmas, so I’ll be attempt­ing a few recipes. Unfortunately, I can only try a few of the recipes, since most of them serve four or more. Jamie Oliver always seemed sexy in a dorky sort of way, until I real­ized that it was his mas­tery in the kitchen, and the loss of his mul­let.

I’ve real­ized that lis­ten­ing to The Gentle Waves fills me with a sort of con­tent­ment and hap­pi­ness. Their music is not bit­ter­sweet or trite, and some­how calm­ing and mov­ing at the same time. I think I might end up keep­ing their songs sim­ply because I don’t have any­thing quite like them.

I’ve been in such a strange, unde­fin­able mood late­ly. It feels like I’m apa­thet­ic to every­thing, while the future seems hope­ful. It’s prob­a­bly just a mix­ture of every­thing that hap­pened in the last term, the odd ups and dys­thymic downs.

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