in between

I haven’t had much to say, which is always a strange state to be in. Probably due to the fact that I’m mak­ing a con­scious effort to lis­ten more and speak less. You begin to won­der about the impor­tance of your thoughts, and what really needs to be said.

It feels like I’m between…things. I’ve recently fin­ished off a few projects, so I’m tak­ing a break before I start another pro­duc­tiv­ity binge. Me-time has mostly involved win­ning drafts and cash­ing in wagers. Lisa’s off to Hawaii for her hon­ey­moon so it’ll be a month before I see her again, but that gives me a much-needed chance to spend time with the friends who aren’t part of my reg­u­lar schedule.

cats by the door


The cats are into their spring cycles, shed­ding like mad, and sleep­ing by the door dur­ing the day. I’m tempted to cut my hair short again in antic­i­pa­tion of the heat, but I’m hav­ing too much fun grow­ing it out right now. I’ve decided to embrace the length cause I know I’ll get sick of it even­tu­ally and cut of it off, like any other cycle of growth and loss, love and hate.

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  1. Ooh! Ooh! HAIR PIC~!! Don’t cut it yet!

    I quit blog­ging for that rea­son and now my snip­pets twit­tered are all I do. I’m look­ing at that as a good thing.

    Wah! your kit­ties are really get­ting on beautifully.

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