the distances we travel, and yet how far we’ve still to sail

It’s all a bit of a blur now, especially since we agree it feels like it’s been a year since my responsibilities as a son and a cousin and a friend in Toronto. I do remember trying to balance the caffeine — so I could be clear-headed and enjoying myself — with the insomnia that comes from having so much energy every night. Also, these acts of guerrilla happiness where messages of hope were expressed through posters and spray paint. It would appear that vandalism crosses over into art only in cities with a skyline worth mentioning.

We ended up at the Ontario Science Centre twice, once as nerds and again as wedding guests, which worked out cause the only exhibit we didn’t get a chance to see one day ended up being the only exhibit open to us during the reception. The highlight is always the planetarium though, in all it’s bean-bag, time-traveling glory, the experience itself worth the price of admission. With the exception of a poor facsimile of dragon’s beard candy, everything worked out.

Ontario Science Centre - Main Hall

See that guy I was dating his ex when his girlfriend was her best friend and she got jealous that I did a big thing for my girlfriend and he felt humiliated in front of everyone and his dad called my parents about the “slander” and imagine how hard that was when it’s difficult just telling them we’re early.

As chance would have it, Dave got married to Jenny, and Jenny went to medical school with Alex, and two friends I met at drastically different times in my life ended up with only a single degree of separation. I’ve been keeping in touch with Dave so when we finally got to see each other, we were able to enjoy each other’s company instead of trying to cram in all the time lost between us.

Lisa and I stayed at their swanky downtown condo that night so we could carpool and be kids again, taking advantage of an open bar and accessible balcony, the kind of things that matter when unwittingly confronted with the reunion of an old clique.


Anthony Goldblum

Anthony1, who wears his 3D glasses at night, was our planetarium presenter. He also happened to be working as an usher for the ceremony, but being the responsible adult that he is, couldn’t join us outside.

your bosons give me a hadron

Your bosons are giving me a hadron.


Commander Hadfield

I agreed that double-fisting is unladylike, but still refused to hold the second drink. If you hang around a life-size cutout of Commander Hadfield though, you don’t look like such a lush cause obviously he needs both hands to hold his helmet.


This was the picture we used to apply for the Trailer Park Boys casting call. I’m still getting used to this version of myself, even though it’s been me for months now.

Every now and then I found myself confronted with spectres of the past. I try to hide my feelings in those situations, but this proves impossible when time is spent in such proximity over several days, and Lisa inevitably saw me in my most vulnerable moments. She’d rub my arm, or provide a bit of perspective to comfort me. Eventually, I realized I was no longer alone in the struggle, because she began to understand me on an important level.

Through the discussions and comfortable silences, I learned to love myself too. I believed in myself because she believed in me. This is how I know our stories are intertwined. She will always be a major character in my book, and this road trip the beginning of another chapter.

  1. Lisa calls him Anthony Goldblum cause of build and diction. []


  1. What a lovely girl. Um Friend. Um. Ya.

    And I LIKE this look!

    • Oh, don’t spoil the mystery.

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