creature comforts

Thank you winter for making my cats super cuddly and slow-falling snow and the chance to wear new cardigan-dress shirt combos. You are totally worth the hassle of having to warm up my car (for now). It’s because of you that I learn how trust is found in the gentle cooing of girls who fall asleep on your shoulder.

Mornings are spent upstairs in the breakfast nook, now that I have work I can get done on my MacBook Pro. To be bathed in the cool sunlight reflecting off the snow was a change of pace I never knew I needed.

birthday brunch

Jesse’s birthday brunch at the Lieutenant’s Pump.

I’ve been living without any sort of schedule. It’s nice to be able to make my own hours cause I’m far more productive at night, but it also makes my life free of the structure that keeps me paced and balanced. The only reason I have to keep any sort of regular sleeping pattern is so I can be awake when my friends are.

Still, I tend to stay up past the point of exhaustion so I don’t get stuck in an endless cycle of thought when trying to fall asleep. Otherwise, the cider always helps.

sneaky cat

Soon, hunger will overtake the fear of punishment.

It’s one of those weeks where I’m feeling antsy cause I don’t know when I’m seeing Lisa next and I haven’t heard from her in a while. I don’t pursue the issue cause she has her own life, and I have so much to do that it works out anyway, but that doesn’t make me miss her any less. Our time is special cause there are so many things I share only with her, our exclusive little club for Breaking Bad, cat walks, and super hotties.

It feels like I only talk about my friends lately. Probably cause that’s what my life is filled with now. They’re the good that’s come out of the bad, the ones who picked up the ball when others let it drop. They validate me and notice what I wear and listen to me cause they believe what I’m saying matters. And at the very least, they’re a chance for me to care about someone else.


  1. There’s a particular snow that gets super reflective crystals in the sunlight. I miss it SO MUCH. Let me know if you have any photos of that?

    • i’m not sure I know what you mean, or perhaps all Canadian snow has this reflective property. I’ll definitely let you know if I ever capture it.

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